Grand Bahama Labyrinth
"Joie de Noel" comes to the Labyrinth, December 23rd
Dec 23, 2011 - 6:33:54 AM

At Christmastime  the sacred path of the Labyrinth
symbolically represents the journey
to the
Holy City



Joie de Noël


A Joyful Celebration of Christmas

Focusing on Love, Healing & Peace

throughout the World 

       Friday 23 December 2011 6.30pm At The Labyrinth
 Garden of the Groves

In a magical setting, listen, watch & sing Carols  

with friends old and new!

With Candles -Song Sheets

Cocoa & Cookies - Twinkling Lights

Our Living Tree of Christmas, Lady Acacia   

and a  Peace Flame for Christmas Wishes!


 All for  $10  
                Children  under12 Free                                                                               

 Visit the Garden Cafe for an

"apres caroling supper" of a hot meaty soup

or special of the day

Call 374-7779 to reserve 


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