Grand Bahama
Rare photo of sunset over Grand Bahama industrial area
By Robbin Whachell, Editor, The Bahamas Weekly
Jun 14, 2012 - 8:50:43 PM

Photo: Donald Pecora

Freeport, The Bahamas - Photographer and resident of Grand Bahama Island, Donald Pecora captured this beautiful image of the sunset over the container port area of Freeport today which was taken from an apartment deck in the Coral Beach vicinity. The photographer was surprised he could even see that far from the south side of the island.

When asked by The Bahamas Weekly whether he'd altered his shot in any way he responded, "I just
zoomed in and sharpened up! And the sun was behind this huge cloud in the background until just before settling. I never knew we could see the port before this."

The photo is quickly being shared on Facebook as many are in awe of the unique capture. The sun is ablaze behind the tall cranes and equipment giving it an ominous look, as if like something seen in a futuristic science-fiction movie. The sunset and the photo have obviously brought much beauty to the typically stark industrial area of the island.

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