Rick Lowe: I’m not mad at the IMF
By Rick Lowe -
Sep 16, 2017 - 12:12:49 PM

So the IMF has suggested income tax to solve our fiscal woes…

Instead of looking at their proposed remedy, I suggest we look at the cause of the fiscal problems.

Simply put it as been fiscal imprudence by successive governments that has caused this. Yup, spending more than they take in while singing the praises of yet another great budget expansion without taxation to pay for it.

Instead of raising taxes governments since independence have borrowed until hitting this threshold that is bringing costs that the taxpayer won’t like.

But wait, the government can just blame the IMF for “forcing” them to implement these harsh measures like more taxation. They would never do anything to hurt Bahamians.

And to top it off, the new government proposes bringing a so called “spy bill” to Parliament as one of their first legislative  initiatives instead of a Fiscal Accountability Act and a sensible Freedom of Information Act?

I realise running a Government is not easy, particularly with the problems being outlined in recent m months but instead of two of their most important campaign issues, we are told we’re getting this?

No I’m not mad at the IMF.

Yours in Liberty,
Rick Lowe

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