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The Bahamas Weekly Twitter hacked by group purporting to be 'The Muslim Electronic Army'
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Oct 2, 2015 - 6:40:03 PM

@Bahamasweekly Twitter account hacked, followers dumped

A group purporting to be the 'Muslim Electronic Army' hacked The Bahamas Weekly's Twitter Page @Bahamasweekly earlier this week which, over the past 6 years garnered some 6,827 followers. We received an email from Twitter notifying us that the password for @Bahamasweekly had been changed approximately 15 hours prior to us noticing what had happened.

By the time we got to check our Twitter page we saw this daunting image with the text; Hacked By Shin0bi H4x0r - J0keroo - 1337 - Th1nkTw1c3 The Bahamas Weekly Has Been Stamped By Muslim Electronic Army...


We followed Twitter's procedure to regain control of our account but to our chagrin, Twitter had already relinquished control of @Bahamasweekly to this so called "ethical hacker" as he called himself.

A boastful Facebook user who goes by the name, Shïñøbi Hāxør posted this message to our Facebook wall; Greetings Bahamas Weekly; You Have Been Hacked, All Your Databases Twitter Website And Facebook Owned By The Muslim Electronic Army.

Then we received messages to our Facebook inbox from Facebook user Issam Fadili saying; Hy Guys .. i heared that ur twitter acc have been hacked by a guy named shin0bi haxor from philipines so i get it back and now i control it
i m ready to give it back for u (smile emoticon)...Come on Guys !! It wasnt hacked by me i just bought it from the guy named shin0bi.

Had this so called Electronic Army hijacked our page to spread their message, at least we would have been able to see some method behind their madness, but that was not the case.  Our account was hacked, then followers were dumped, the whole incident appearing more as a hired 'electronic hit' than anything else (?).

We found the whole matter a bit of an eye opener. To learn that Twitter is so open, that hackers can take over your page and flaunt it on Twitter itself, and then appear to get away with it entirely unscathed.

After having hacked @Bahamasweekly and dumping it, we were actually able to go and re initiate a new @Bahamasweekly account on Twitter. For those of you who once followed us, we invite you to do so again. We'd appreciate your support as we rebuild our Twitter following back up.

Key points:

You will not be following the hacker - your follow was dumped. We look forward to welcoming you back.

Our NEW account looks like this:


If you enjoyed our TWEETS before, we welcome you back to our NEW account!

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