Bahamas' Selvinique Wright makes Top 10 and wins Best in Swimsuit at Miss Grand International
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Oct 28, 2016 - 4:11:49 PM

Selvinique Wright of Nassau, Bahamas takes Best in Swimsuit at the Miss Grand International Pageant in Las Vegas. (Photos: Miss Grand Intl)

Selvinique Wright, the 24-year-old from Nassau, Bahamas came away with the "Best in Swimsuit" at the Miss Grand International Pageant in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, October 25th competing in a group of 76 contestants from around the world. She also made it into the "Top 10" and delivered a flawless and passionate speech presentation on stopping violence, which is a central theme of the pageant. Her national costume was also in the top 10.

"As peacekeepers we are obligated to promote love and unity around The World," says Wright's statement on the pageant website. "We have to speak out against war and violence but more importantly, live by example. We must teach future generations to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. We must all coexist with our differences. We must mute violence and showcase unity."

The model, whose goal is to become a police officer plans to continue her studies in psychology and sociology while continuing to mentor young ladies who may be struggling with self discovery, purpose and hopefulness.

"I bring my own unique values, story and outlook to the MGI stage. I have been molded by the experiences that I have gleaned throughout life. I am hard working, determined, confident in myself but humble. I am an animal advocate and hope to one day open up my own animal shelter. Helping those in need warms my heart. I am a Great Commission volunteer where I help feed the hungry. I am energized by challenges and problems and finding solutions to overcome them. I can bring order to chaos and I value the the unique qualities and contributions of others. I love to sing, dance and bring joy to those around me. I adore laughter, I feel as though it is the best medicine and the fact that i can relate to anyone regardless of culture or background helps me to create bonds with those I come in contact with. Call me the 'lover of Love', I truly believe that love conquers all. I am a small island girl but a modern day woman..."

Selvinique competed as Miss Star Fish Bay in the recent Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 pageant where she won the Best Costume award.

Taking the crown for Miss Grand International was Ariska Putri Pertiwi of Indonesia.

Selvinique during her speech presenation

Miss Grand Bahamas a favourite at Miss Grand International Pageant in Vegas - Oct 21, 2016


Bahamas' Selvinique Wright to vie for Miss Grand International - Sep 28, 2016

(Photo: Miss Grand Intl)

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