Bermuda to Create World's First Photo Album of an Entire Country
Sep 14, 2009 - 4:41:26 AM

The people of Bermuda are celebrating the island s families with a landmark photo album project.

New York, NY September 14, 2009 The people of Bermuda are attempting to include every person on the island in a record-breaking family photo album. The Bermuda Family Album project is being sponsored by Capital G Bank, a leading Bermudian financial services company.

The goal of the project over the next five years is to collect photographs of every man, woman and child in Bermuda a number that now stands at over 66,000. The Family Album itself will exist online at Visitors will be able to browse through pictures in the album and upload their own photos.

Close family ties among the communities of Bermuda inspired the idea for a country-wide photo album at Capital G Bank and its New York advertising agency, The Concept Farm. Throughout 2009 Bermuda has been celebrating its 400-year anniversary which provided the perfect backdrop for the launch of The Bermuda Family Album project.

The Bermuda Family Album will kick off on September 14, 2009, with a family barbecue open to the public. A special photo booth where Bermuda s residents can have their pictures taken and included in the Family Album will make its debut appearance at the barbecue before it is moved to Capital G Bank s branch location in Bermuda. In the near future the photo booth will appear at local community events.

Over the course of the next five years, the Family Album project will encompass a wide range of activities meant to celebrate family and support the community. Future activities that have been discussed include distributing digital cameras to children through local youth groups, enlisting photography students to take family photographs, and a gallery show of Family Album portraits.

“We understand the importance of family in Bermuda,” said James Gibbons, Chairman, Capital G Bank Limited. “Our Welcome to the Family advertising campaign, and the community’s enthusiastic response to it, inspired us to do something to bring people together.”

Partnering with Capital G is The Concept Farm, a leading NYC advertising agency, which is helping to bring The Family Album to life. Capital G is a family business, so creating the first photo album of a country was a perfect fit, said Concept Farm Partner Ray Mendez. The concept of community and the importance of family is a remarkable part of Bermudian culture. We at The Farm are excited to play a part in creating the Family Album and watching it grow.

All are welcome to monitor the growth and progress of the Family Album at

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