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Swimwear just got a whole lot sexier!
By Edward Quan
Aug 7, 2015 - 12:44:41 PM

Chromat Swimwear

If you have ever strolled along the South Beach Boardwalk in Miami Florida, the air is filled with high energy Latin pop music from the historic pastel colored art deco hotels. Some call this America’s Riviera, for it’s much more than just sun, sand and surf for college students. It’s where top fashion designers and buyers come together on the beach for the annual Miami Swim Week.

Hotter than Florida’s summer heat was the Chromat swimwear show with its sensual graphic cut out suits for the woman in charge. Not afraid of showing off your gorgeous tan, these strappy suits will take you from the rooftop pool to the beach party scene in style.

Big on the fashion runway at Miami Swim Week was the return of the late 80’s Baywatch look; sexy athletic one-piece bathing suits with thigh high cuts that elongate the legs. This look is also carried over to strapless swimsuits and bikinis with Minimal Animale.

One of the most popular shows was at the former Versace residence on the Boardwalk for the Mara Hoffman swimwear show. Drawing inspiration from a recent Moroccan visit, she displayed fabulous print swimwear from North African cultures. Many of her Bohemian style high-waist bikinis with fringe were all dressed up with pendants and bangles all sourced from Africa.

The 80s Baywatch-look. Minimale Animale surfer style with thigh high cutouts

Color wise, there was a lot of bold citrus and pink hues. The brightest colors on the beach this coming season are reserved for the women.

For men, the big, baggy surfer dude look is finally passé.Time to man up and with a masculine body hugging fit with swim shorts that hit at mid-thigh.

From last season, the black and white ensemble and animal prints continue to be popular with the fashion designers.

Watch for all these new sexy swimwear styles from Miami Swim Week arriving in stores this November.

Marrakech’s landscapes, textiles and culture served as a constant inspiration for Mara Hoffman

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