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Resilience Post Dorian and Our Children
By Joseph Darville
Apr 20, 2020 - 1:45:02 PM


For Earth Day: I, The Tree, Representing Mother Earth, Speak Unto You 

A soliloquy from The Tree of Life and Mother Earth...

Within my colourless sap, I bear the abundance of creation with billions of neurons and millions of chemical reactions, producing a myriad of colors, shapes and adorning creations with incredible beauty. These all adjust to the changes of my Mother Earth, the spirit of which we call Gaia.

Pay heed to my seasonal changes; give attention to the wisdom and foresight of the great Noah. He observed me very closely; thus, he knew the signs of a changing phenomenon of Earth. The secrets are buried within the sap of every leaf, stem, branch, trunk and oh so abundantly in the sacred roots of my being.

My abundance is gauged with the changing iterations of my energy Gaia. Even my roots carry the characteristics of your human brain. *As your brain decodes messages from your environment, so do my precious roots.

I bloom regularly and thus attract an abundance of bees, birds, butterflies and a myriad of other insects to my delectable flowers, pollen and nectar. Thus, my goodness in many forms is spread wide throughout the land. I call to you; I speak to you; I sing to you; I feed you; I love you!


Be mindful all ye beings of free choice, these very gifts are within your very core, within the unbounded quantum state of your divine essence. “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, AND THE WORD WAS GOD” so spoke the loving apostle John in John, chapter 1, verse 1. Thus, within the infinite glory of the Divinity, everything has its beginnings…AND THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH AND DWELLS AMONG US.

I, the creative Gaia energy, over many millennia, I have adjusted to the inevitable changes of Mother Earth. I never leave humanity abandoned; but pay no heed to my changes and you will risk and suffer the results of the catastrophic adjustments in my evolution. Be attentive, then; I give you fair forewarning of my changes.   

Even the extraordinary and plentiful bearing of my fruit, preceding severe storms forecast my dramatic events to come.  Examine closely my whipped and torn branches after these events and how they come back stronger in order to withstand and adjust to further dramatic events in the evolution of my Mother Earth.

Learn from me, therefore, and, like me, become more resilient as I proceed through my never-ending cycle of change and growth. Remember, I existed in preparation mode for billions of years, preparing myself for your coming to rest comfortably upon my bosom. You have been here for a very short time, in your present state, only within the past two hundred thousand years. Know you not then, that I am still in preparation mode for the glorious and new earth upon which you will be privileged to dwell?


Sometimes, I give you subtle warnings and sometimes not so. But in my glorious wisdom, all that I do is within divine order. I am a tree of nobility; yet at times, I too am uprooted for more glorious changes. However, I too am forever, my very sap and seeds being buried in the sacred belly of my ever-renewing existence.

Even the very elements of the special wood used by the wise Noah to build the Ark, built of gopher wood, historically related to pine or oak, was divinely revealed to him through my energy of Gaia. There is no accident then that I have bestowed this land of yours with similar wood, Caribbean Pine. It too is strong and resilient, slow growing with enough strength to bear even the brunt of Dorian; within the tornadic action it will twist and eventually bend, but very seldom snap; in shallow soil alone can she (I) be uprooted, and then sprawled across the land basically intact.

You have traditionally exported this wood, recognized as one strong, long lasting and fit for the building of bridges. In your wisdom now, and pending catastrophic events arising from my bosom, be advised to commence to make ample use of this divinely-gifted element to these northern islands? Just imagine the multitude of environmentally friendly and resilient  products you can attain from this sturdy wood of mine.

You may not have the many long years as granted  Noah to prep his people for the flood; he was granted some 120 years to complete his ark. You may be granted mush less time to enable yourselves to float, swim or rise to safety. In much more recent times just over three thousand years ago, the inhabitants of the over 10,000 Polynesian islands,  endowed with similar wisdom and divine guidance as granted Noah, had to take to the seas in search of higher ground due to the gradual rising of the ocean in the Southern Pacific. This migration actually occurred on two separate occasions.  How are you readying yourselves, but especially your children? What legacy are you leaving for them?!


Beloved humans be ye always guided by the future wellbeing of your children! You owe it to them for you have personally exacerbated this cycle of warming; with your deliberate carbon footprint you have assisted in hastening my natural changes by some 300 percent. If you take heed not in these matters, and adjust not radically your past and present behavior, you set up your children of this land, and the entire Earth for an uncertain and possibly tragic ending. 

This is a planet of free choice, and the only one you know of at present which can accommodate humanity. Will you accept this gift and preserve or shall you deem Yourselves unfit to inhabit this majestic creation? You have come forth from the unseen, quantum state of creation, laden with transcendent gifts of creativity, knowledge, knowingness and wisdom, graced with divine, angelic and human qualities. As the good book says, as humans, ye are created just a little lower than the angels! Just imagine then the power in your hands and hearts and souls!

Images of the Divine you are, almost angelic, human…indeed you are the trinity incarnated. What a glorious and majestic reality!

Would you not know then that I have infinite knowledge of you? You and I go back to the same beginnings of life the magnificent dirt, the welcoming cradle, the womb, of our Mother Earth. Thus, be with me, study my iterations and adjust to the changes that come bearing signs. 

Make use of what has been so generously gifted to you. Utilize your wood, build boats, build even ships, build rafts, produce sails from the natural elements within your land. Learn, as they do on other islands to harvest and make adorable elements from the vast acres of palmetto palms which bear the brunt of storms, fires and even ocean invasion.

Are you watching and listening to the signs I so benevolently provide for you? Are you reading the changes of behavior in your animals; are you sensitive to the actions of your birds? Are you attune to the fruit and flowering trees? All of these aspects of my mother, Gaia’s energy, give you signs and forewarning for dramatic events coming forth from the belly of Mother Earth. Even within the subtlest of my signs, I give readings enough of  dramatic events to come.


Taste from the majestic juices oozing from my leaves for natural drinks and medicinal tonics. These are here purposefully for your benefit and long existence. When other artificial potions and medicines, may no longer be available, they are eternally at your disposal…right from my roots, leaves, and even from my bark. Eat my fruit, drink my delectable sap, the nectar and the syrup from my breasts. All of these natural elements contain the magic potion of life and the electromagnetic resonance of the planet. Saturate your brains and hearts with my potions of potency!

In the majestic wisdom of the Divine, you would not have been placed here if there were not ways and means of continuing your existence. Again, I repeat: “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” And, that Word, that God, dwells forever with our being. Thus, you will only perish if you ignore the signs given you and neglect the elements provided for your use.

Thus, I venture to say dear humans that for too long you have existed on parasitic, or artificial and ephemeral means of gaining wealth…just to mention, ship wrecking, gun running, rum running, drug running, people running and yes, even in the millions, tourists running. These elements have not arisen from the abundance of what has been graciously bestowed upon these islands or what should come from the bosom of your own creativity. All of those fleeting elements could vanish in moment, and then with what will you survive? You are blessed with a relatively small population, however, with sufficient natural resources to create untold wealth for each individual from these gems in the ocean. Why can’t every citizen in this glorious archipelago be forever abounding in wealth and comfort? These islands designated officially as the most beautiful spot on my bosom, Mother Earth!

Example dear ones, are you mindful of the great treasure you can now obtain from the thousands of acres of pines (like gopher wood) “compromised” by Dorian? They are there for easy harvesting to aid in your recovery and bring you necessary assistance for your future safety. What a ready-made industry at your door-step. Quit thinking that all good things come from abroad! If a foreign land were more favorable, my creator would have placed your there! Why isn’t there use being made of your thousands of acres of palmetto palms. Years ago, and still, on your family of islands, these were the choice to cover the roofs of your homes. And they are still the choice for the artistic creations by your many artisans.

Make use then of what has been given! Your precious environment! Put your energies where your speaking is and create a multitude of environmentally friendly items from these resilient materials from Gaia’s belly. Yes, from my belly, but not so deep within, where I  have wisely buried elements deep within  which brings me much damage at present. You too have labeled these substances “crude” for a very good reason.

By the way, before Dorian, I gave you many signs: like the extraordinary level of fruits I was bearing, like mangoes, avocados, sea grapes, just to name a few.  Then the birds, oh the birds! Did you notice the multitude of my feathered friends building an abundance of nests for the young, like the white crown pigeons, mocking birds, even my little darling tobacco doves. Even those little creatures, you so despise, the ants, were seeking higher ground before the storm, even in your homes.

Many birds took flight early, reading the electromagnetic field of Gaia, forecasting a very dramatic event. You, my beloved humans, are equally  endowed with ability to read the electromagnetic fields governing my Mother Earth; Your Mother, and, you have been blessed with other  scientific instruments of forecasting natural events.  Additionally, you are endowed with much intellect and intuition.  Thus, you could never be abandoned. Be mindful always that you are placed here as angels to have a human experience. You ARE ANGELS, just pretending to be human. You are the clear crystal flames guiding and guarding the light. Know that you own nothing of me; I am beyond ownership. You enjoy me for a while, then others come to enjoy my fruits. Thus, give me back to them unblemished. Love your children as I have loved you. Let Divine love supports every aspect of creation.

What a wonderful gift of the Divine to prepare a place for angels to dwell for a while in a 3D world! You are angels, just pretending to be human! You are the clear crystal flames guiding Me, including yourselves to full potential.

You my beloved ones are the fruit of the rose; you are the lighthouse. You are the potential light which will guide many others to the ever increasing and divinely bestowed wisdom and foresight of Noah of old.

Now to conclude with a reflection inspired in 2015 Under my breadfruit tree.

I am the bread of life and have over in cycles of  thousands of  years  stood tall and strong. I am  quiet, majestic, peaceful, calm and wise… entertaining no anxiety, no stress, no tossing and complaining;  I simply am. I am  connected to all that there is by my inter-coming through the energy lattice of the universe. I am  aligned with my planet Earth and have seen, felt, smelt and even fed thousands in many ways who have passed by, stopped by,  took shelter under my shade.  I have even observed and stored  the thoughts, secrets, aspirations of many.

I have seen thousands of species born and die within my view; however, all have been reverenced  for they, even though in corporal form are so much younger, but they too in other forms have existed from all eternity. 

Thus, the reciprocal veneration is profound. I am a symbol of stability, tranquility; my roots spreading widely and wisely into the welcoming and sacred dirt of Gaia, Mother Earth. I lovingly feed on all the goodness of Earth’s bosom and belly as I dine on the milky substances from her ever bestowing *and flowing breasts.  I rejoice, giving thanks, for from the womb of Gaia, I have come and will return to continue the never-ending cycle of life.

I am the majestic tree a symbol of the wisdom, knowledge and knowingness of Mother Earth, who always knows best. She is balanced, patient, silent in her majesty. Through me she carries the secret of the ages; listen and learn, for I am the great teacher. Stand under my branches, breathe the freshness of the life-giving air which I so graciously and unconditionally share with you. Hug me, stand next to me; kneel under my branches and receive the grace of my anointing; I am the symbol of Gaia’s love and compassion.

I cherish your being here for I welcome the reciprocal sharing of air, you breathe in my gift of life and I receive yours; it is probably the most powerful, loving and unconditional-reciprocal gift there can be; you breathe me and I breathe you back.

Nothing is wasted in God’s marvelous creation. My countenance bears the resemblance of the spirit of creation, and when you commune with me, you so much easily focus within and tap the inner fountain of your own blessedness. Feel me, smell me, taste me, for I am, in all my voluptuous  facets, the most passionate and sensuous creation.

I am like you, the Word made flesh..The Tree of Life!

Joseph Darville
Lover of Trees & Gaia Spokesman
Originally written for the
University of The Bahamas Conclave

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