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The Expanded Edition - You!
By Kaylus Horton, Path™ Coach
Sep 30, 2010 - 8:22:56 AM


Today, as I browsed a magazine, I paused at a picture that captured my attention.  What caught my attention its’ familiarity to me, one that that I believe may be or seems to disappearing from the workplace, partly due to technology, changing industries and markets and diverse professions. 

This image that I write about is an image that is similar to this …

Two things these conference rooms had in common.  First, the windows were very large, utilizing more wall space than those designed of yester year. Second, there were no books cases or shelves with books. 

Where are the books shelves and books in the workplace disappearing to? 

Perhaps they are being replaced by online references, such as winning over turning the pages of Webster and Oxford, maybe the Kindle is preferred to the hard back or is it that the demands of the day and the organizational culture do not make allowances for reading. 

Dear Associate, 

The manner of how, what and when you read is not the focus but rather, WHO reads.   

“What you will become in five (5) years will be determined by

what you read and who you associate with”

John C. Maxwell 

If there is a percentage of truth to the above quote, then there is cause to speculate that reading is a habit, skill or trait that will significantly affect our aspirations, outlook and network.   

Curious Coaching Questions: 

  1. How satisfied are you with the amount of time that you dedicate to reading
  1. What content, author and/or resource inspires you to read
  1. What is the vision of your life in five (5) years; where are you and what you are you doing
  1. What manner of people do you associate with
  1. Collectively what do the responses reveal  

Question five (5) is the clincher! It is the question that very well can be the first step toward becoming who you see yourself as in your vision.  For next would be question number six (6) that would ask, what will you do about what was revealed, learnt or discovered?   

May the reading of this article ignite and inspire your pursuits. 

With warmest regards,

Someone Who Frequently Reads   

Recommended reading: Leadership 101, John C. Maxwell  

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