Letters to The Editor
"But we meant well... Really we did..."
By Rick Lowe,
Jul 3, 2017 - 10:16:26 AM

Dear Editor,

Former Prime Minister, Perry G. Christie (PLP), in defence of spending tax dollars without proper/legal approval, is quoted as saying, “There were compelling urgencies to work. During the hurricane itself, expenditure was incurred. We didn’t have any time to go talk about we were going to bid. We had to have trucks to go in to help in waters of three feet high and so forth and so on.”

It’s funny how compelling urgencies change when a party is in government or the opposition.

A similar thing happened with a contract regarding security at the airport when the FNM were in power and the then opposition PLP, lead by Mr. Christie raised so much hell, the Minister resigned his post.

Mr. Christie found the action of the former FNM Minister so egregious that his political party even used it as one of their criticisms of the FNM in the last election campaign.

It’s odd that a similar action by their political opponent is treasonous while their actions were pure.

I'm reminded of what I mockingly refer to as "Lowe's Law" which states, "Politician's spend their careers making laws to keep everyone else accountable, and make the average citizen and business play "fair/do the right thing", yet, they refuse to hold themselves to the same standards."

Dry the crocodile tears Mr. Christie. Maybe an apology will suffice if you are not found to have compromised the Office of the Prime Minister with your compelling urgencies.

Can you hear the echo? "But we meant well. Really we did..."

Yours in Liberty,

Rick Lowe

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