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Joseph Darville: Once again the Serpent’s Head Must Be Severed!
By Joseph Darville
Sep 2, 2017 - 1:08:55 PM

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Joseph Darville

Once Again The Serpent’s Head Must Be Severed!

The regurgitation or the “Spy Bill” sends shudders up my spine. Mind you, personally, I have absolutely nothing to hide. Actually, under the previous administration, I was very sure my phone was tapped and my emails hacked. But obviously, they found nothing untoward there to come at me for. To add to my contempt for what they were illegally doing, I even chided them with a few tasty words whenever I became aware of the interception.

What boils my insides is the fact that with all the hope and expectations we had and hoped for with the new administration, we seem to be going down the same road of dictatorial and despotic rule. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am quite aware of and in totally agreement with the need for ways and means by which my government and law enforcement agencies should keep our country safe from nefarious individuals. However, to go as far as this bill proposes, reeks of real and certain foulness.

The powers that be may justify these draconian measures based upon the fact that other countries have such laws of invasion into citizens private affairs. But for goodness sake, after forty-four years of political independence and over two hundred years of shackles being removed from our ankles, we have yet to establish a responsible, responsive and enlightened government in this country, which can be trusted. We have been deceived, disregard, disrespect, bereaved by deceit, dishonesty, denial, disorder, and culminating with the seventh D: DAMNATION. You may wish to add more D’s.

Psychological enslavement with all its trappings of attraction have our people mesmerized, hypnotized and mentally shackled. These are even more pernicious than what we had to endure under slave masters. That period, marked by pain, misery and hopelessness, still permeates our psyche. And the sounds and sensation of those damn shackles kept us in mental bondage. Even now, and after forty plus years of political independence, the curse of enslavement still hangs around our necks. And if we listen very quietly, we can still hear the hammering and the clinging of those despicable physical shackles.

For fear of retribution, many, too many of us, cling to the old vestiges of the plantation. Our masters now, only having changed color, and having elevated themselves to the status of demi-gods, have so fine-tuned their capricious power and control over us, that mental enslavement has become potent. And our leaders over these forty plus years have developed an art of fear tactics to subjugate our people into the quagmire of submission. Where there is fear of our leaders, there is no love; love casts out fear, says the Good Book. Thus fear and psychological enslavement are so entrenched in the psyche of our people, they easily succumb to being so easily seduced. disregard, disrespect, deceit, dishonesty, denial, disorder, and culminating with the seventh D: DAMNATION. You may wish to add more D’s.

The vindictiveness and unscrupulous mindset in a state where capricious powers reign, will ultimately spell doom to the majority of fundamental rights of its citizenry. When we have established a system of governance where enlightened individuals who serve the wellbeing of the nation is in place, then and only then will we be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing our best interest is paramount. Until them, I want no government or law enforcement agencies messing with my privacy. Even our great nation to the north has done dodgy things with such system, not only in its own boundaries, but within ours as well. Having ins been informed that every phone call or email from our island nation is in their data bank, we squirmed at such an invasion.

In our small country, the usual and normal investigative agencies now operating should be sufficiently adept to delve into the affairs of those individuals who may intend to do harm to our nation, its institutions and people. Therefore, instead of wasting time and preciously limited resources, our leaders should delve into the ways and means of bringing enlightenment and wisdom to the nation.

Deal with matters that can make a difference in elevating the deserving power of the people; give our children the means to learn and achieve at a level matching the 21st century; obliterate the notion that once an individual enters the halls of Parliament, he/she, simultaneously become an untouchable demi-god; pass a law which recognizes the value of our female population and give them equal rights to men; pass a law which will eliminate poverty in our nation; stop killing the poor with burdensome taxation; fully enact the Freedom of Information; enact legislation to deal with environmental terrorism, like what is taking place on North Bimini, Bakers Bay and elsewhere in the islands; deal with the relocation of the residents who continue to endure the death-carrying elements around the industrial sector of Grand Bahama; institute methods to deal with the dramatic impact of climate change and sea level rise; and the list can go on and on for areas of real concern of the citizens of this country.

Why a damnable law to intercept the privacy of our people; it’s simply another method to instill fear, apprehension and intimidation into the hearts of our citizens. Pray tell me who had a nightmare and awoke with demon horns?

The present administration, while in opposition called the bill the “Spy Bill” and so it is and we will mount the same or even more dramatic measures to kill the demon if it raises its ugly head again. Let’s get on with governing this nation with wisdom, compassion, love, enlightening and uplifting edicts. Let this administration prove its worth with respect to the above before burdening us with more unnecessary invasion.

We are an independent people, and as such should have the freedom, the right and ability, even obligation to structure and build one by one our beautiful communities. We can then become the envy of island nations, the glory of our own nation and the focus of the world. Our beauty, of both people, land, and sea with their natural and abundance of resources, are all we need to become all that the Good and Great Creator has ordained for us.


Joseph Darville

Vice-President, RIGHTS BAHAMAS

Freeport, Grand Bahama

1 September, 2017

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