Letters to The Editor
"PLP: More whistling past the graveyard"
By Rick Lowe,
Nov 21, 2016 - 1:42:31 PM

Confirming a lack of understanding of the depths of the economic problems facing the country, Prime Minister Christie announced a “Competitiveness Council” to work out of his office to improve The Bahamas declining status in the ease of doing business ranking while saying the country’s slippage in the rankings ‘doesn’t represent who the Bahamas is”.

In other words the Prime Minister is appointing this council in a half hearted attempt to quell the noise in the market about the difficulty of doing business here.

Symbolism over substance is the hallmark of this administration.

Meanwhile their policies like VAT, Tax Compliance Certificates, and delays in granting permission to open shop to name but a few, are wreaking havoc on the business community and economic growth.

One can appoint all the councils they like, but if you don’t admit or understand the problems your policies create within the business and wider community it’s just more whistling past the graveyard of an economy in ever deeper doldrums.

Yours in Liberty,
Rick Lowe

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