Letters to The Editor
Pam Burnside: The ABC's Of A New Beginning
By Pamela Burnside
May 17, 2017 - 10:39:16 AM

The positive atmosphere that presently envelops The Bahamas as a result of last week’s election, is a welcome relief, reminiscent of that amazing optimism and anticipation felt in the 1970s when my late husband and I returned home from studies abroad as young Bahamians eager to make our mark upon the clean slate of our independent nation!

I should like to extend sincere thanks to the Free National Movement for sweeping away the claustrophobic sense of anxiety that has surrounded so many of us recently, for it is indeed a brand new day! This is an opportunity which we must all grasp with determination in order to put our country, which we love so dearly, firmly back on its feet again!

It will certainly not be an easy fix, but rather a difficult and arduous task, and I offer to the public and to our new government, a simple alphabetical list of words with which we can collectively begin this new journey to ‘march on Bahamaland….forward, upward and onward together’:

A for action and accountability;

B for Bahamian and budget;

C for community, common sense, culture, creativity, and caring;

D for discipline, development, and diversification;

E for education, excellence, efficiency, and evaluation;

F for family, fiscal, and focus;

G for greater good, governance, and global;

H for history, honesty, humility, and health;

I for intelligence, inclusive, and institutions;

J for justice;

K for knowledge;

L for love and law;

M for meritocracy and mission;

N for nation;

O for order and over-the-hill (PLEASE delete the phrase ‘inner city’ from our vocabulary!)

P for people, planning, and passion

Q for questions and quest;

R for respect, responsibility, and research;

S for serious, strength, and sharing;

T for transparency and tenacity;

U for unity and understanding;

V for vision;

W for work and wisdom;

X for ‘xtraordinary’;

Y for youth;

Z for zeal!

Yours sincerely,

Pam Burnside

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