Letters to The Editor
"The Bahamas Chamber should be helping business encouraging more regulation, taxation and bureaucracy"
By Rick Lowe,
May 15, 2017 - 12:38:56 PM

On Thursday past (May 11,2017), the CEO of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation was lamenting that people renting their homes through Airbnb should be regulated.

His concerns seem directed more to closing the home rental industry than regulating it because hotel occupancy is down. Either way, proposing closing them or regulating them, is not the purview of the Chamber of Commerce.
International groups like Airbnb provide as much safety through market regulation and oversight to make the renters accountable as the Ministry of Tourism does with “regulating” hotels here.

The suggestion that the Chamber can “develop that into a more viable industry” is another interesting suggestion.

Where do politicians get the idea they know what’s best for an industry to develop? Regulations usually get in the way of developing industries. And the Chamber should be discouraging regulation not encouraging it.

The Chamber is supposed to be there to help business by seeking ways to make the ease of doing business a priority, not add to the clutter of government regulation, taxation and bureaucracy. If they want to add a registration type service for Airbnb accommodations maybe they have a role to play?
Yours in Liberty,

Rick Lowe

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