(VIdeo) Loretta Butler-Turner on Long Island post-hurricane Joaquin
Oct 7, 2015 - 12:20:58 AM

3 Oct 2015 Bahamas MP for Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner speaking on the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin and relief efforts.
The following was posted to MP, Long Island, Loretta Butler-Turner's Facebook page on October 3rd:

The northern section of Long Island fared much better than the south. The Stella Maris airport is usable but not yet accessible. We have heavy equipment moving in to clear the roads tomorrow hopefully.

From Salt Pond going south the devastation is beyond belief. Most fishing vessels are inland from the sea surges and flooding. Road erosion is evident in many areas. Flooding in most areas has yet to subside. Today, with the use of helicopters, seaplanes and boats we began to deliver water and other essentials to areas that cannot be accessed by vehicles.

Archdeacon Keith Cartwright has compiled a full report on all of the islands which we inspected from the air today. We will ensure that this is posted in due course.

Commendations to the team of organizers, donors and humanitarians who have assisted so ably in this relief effort. Tomorrow we shall continue sustained delivery of essentials and other needed items.

We will continue to update you of further developments. Continue to pray for all of our citizens that have been devastated by this horrendous hurricane. Blessings!

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