National HIV Testing Day, 29th June 2018
By Ministry of Health, Nassau, Bahamas
Jun 21, 2018 - 2:57:11 PM

Slogan: “Get Tested, Bey!”

Nassau, Bahamas - With an estimated 2% HIV prevalence, HIV and AIDS remain significant problems in The Bahamas. As with many other sexually transmitted infections, there may be no obvious signs or symptoms of early HIV infection, and the only way to confirm the presence of HIV is through a medical test.

The Ministry of Health is committed to early HIV diagnosis as a safeguard to the health and well-being of all Bahamians, and has “scaled up” HIV testing during the month of June, including National HIV Testing Day.

This year marks the 11th observation of National Testing Day. On Friday, 29th June 2018, under the slogan, “Get tested, Bey!” the National HIV/AIDS Programme, in collaboration with the Tribune Group, will host National Testing Day, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Royal Victoria Gardens, Shirley Street, Nassau.

The objective of National Testing Day is to:

  •     Rally Bahamians to be tested and heighten public awareness on the critical importance of “Knowing your HIV status,”
  •     Promote and normalise HIV testing as a routine health screen,
  •     Reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination,
  •     Reduce the spread of HIV, and
  •     Identify early HIV infection and offer life-saving treatment, thereby protecting the continued health of persons living with HIV.

The partnership with the Tribune Group is an effective model towards ensuring that HIV programmes, like National Testing Day, are not only sustained for future generations, but progression from HIV infection to AIDS is halted, and we achieve an AIDS-free generation by 2030.

It is vital that all Bahamians act responsibly, “know your status” and get tested for HIV.

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