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Bahamas Welcomes Anthem Of The Seas
By Kendea Smith, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Nov 29, 2015 - 4:23:16 PM

Executives of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, United Shipping and other government officials formally welcomed the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Anthem of the Seas to the Port of Nassau. (Photo/Kendea Smith)

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism recently welcomed another quantum-sized cruise ship that is expected to bring up to 6,000 passengers to the Port of Nassau each week.

The Anthem of the Seas is the second Quantum-Sized ships under the fleet of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL).

The ship is designed to wow with a large variety of entertainment.

It has indoor and outdoor pools, a rock climbing wall, bumper cars, a circus school, skydiving and surfing stimulators, an adult pool, kids waterpark, a Broadway style theatre, state-of-the-art fitness centre and eight restaurants.

The Bahamas has had a long-standing relationship with RoyalCaribbean Cruise Lines and Director General of Tourism Joy Jibrilu said this will continue for many years to come.

“The Anthem of the Seas is themed the next great adventure and it is referenced as the most revolutionary ship today – and when we think of the advances in technologies in the cruise lines and industry and to know that this is considered the most revolutionary – that only makes the mind boggle when we think about what that must entail,” she said during a special inaugural welcome ceremony.

“As Bahamians we honor the relationship with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. As our vested partners since 1970 we are proud to welcome vessels from every class in RCCL’s royal experience class and we profoundly thank you.”

The director general said in the near future Nassau will undergo “a major facelift” to accommodate the high caliber of ships heading into the Port of Nassau.

“Changes in major infrastructure, product upgrades, hotel expansions, tour activities and sight seeing visitors will drive the satiating, discerning holiday experience for our mutual cruise guests. As your receiving partner, our thrust is to institute a superior product and offer the superb service quality that is being demanded,” she said.

Ms. Jibrilu said that over the last several weeks The Bahamas has seen up to five ships a day in the Port of Nassau.

She said this is significant for the economy.

“Our taxi drivers, our vendors in Festival Place – the tourists walk to the beach but on the way they stop for something to eat – and so we are happy to see our relationship with RCCL grow in this manner,” the director general said.



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