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Bahamian, Jeanene Fox lands roll in Italian comedy feature film "Ameriqua"
By Bahamas Film Commission
Oct 14, 2010 - 5:48:27 PM

Jeanene (center) with Bahamas Film Commissioner, Craig Woods (right) and Eureka Glinton, also of the Bahamas Film Commission at the American Film Market in 2010

Bahamian model and actress, Jeanene Fox will appear in a role in Italian feature comedy "Ameriqua" which is presently filming in Naples and Tuscany. Jeanene was born in The Bahamas and plays the part of Jenny from America, who in her early 20's and works at the embassy in Rome.

Ameriqua is a fresh feature comedy, written and starred in by Bobby Kennedy III, it transport the sweet debauchery of the classic American college-movie to the Renaissance jewel of Bologna, Italy. Drawing on the wild characters and strange situations Bobby encountered while studying in 2005. AmeriQua is the story of a lazy recent graduate, Charlie (Bobby Kennedy), whose rich parents cut him off with a $5,000 check and an ultimatum to start a new life of independence and responsibility. The cast also includes: Ernesto Mahieux, Giancarlo Giannini, Alec Baldwin, Eva Murri, Jeanene Fox, Enrico Silvestrin and Bobby Kennedy III.

Jeanene Fox to play 'Jenny' in Italian feature film, Ameriqua.

About Jeanene: As a smart but waif thin schoolgirl attending Nassau's Kingsway Academy, the once shy Jeanene was often taunted with the nickname "Bean-Pole Jeanene" - a moniker she would ultimately wear proudly when those legs that spanned for days and striking appearance - catapulted her into international success.

Jeanene is a stunningly splendid mix of her native Bahamian father and Italian-Canadian mother (who was a former world champion medal-winning athlete and Olympic high jumper in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics).

A gifted athlete like her mother and brother (her eldest siblings Rick Fox a three-time World Champion Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball player) - Jeanene excelled in many sports including softball, swimming and track and field - the family room's shelves quickly crowded with her awards and trophies. However, friends thought Jeanene far too feminine too pursue a career in sports - but as luck would have it, she wouldn't have to.

Jeanene with her brother, Rick Fox. Photo: Kimberly Metz Photographer

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Bahamian super model, Jeanene Fox

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