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Bahamian School Launches Mobile App
By Rhonda Wright
Dec 8, 2015 - 2:05:55 PM

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Nassau, Bahamas - AKHEPRAN Academy has made history in becoming the first Bahamian school to launch its own Mobile Application. On Tuesday, 23rd November 2015, the school hosted parents and students, to a pre-launch of the Application (App). Developed by Lincoln Bain, he gave a live demonstration on the many features of the software. According to Bain, the App allows users to view photos of school activities, access subject specific videos through the ELearning tab, use google maps tracking to pinpoint field trip directions and locations, choose from hundreds of articles on education, student reward tracker, a car finder and more.

School Founder and Principal, former Senator, Dr. Jacinta Higgs, says she is excited about this new dimension in the school’s growth, and sees this as a needed component in her vision of creating a 21st century school, where each child is reached. With communication development at the forefront of this latest advancement, Akhepran has undoubtedly once again struck success in claiming new ground in education regionally.

Prior to its launch, the App was introduced in beta form to a number of students to offer feedback on the App’s user-friendly factor. Iana Cartwright, a twelfth grade scholar, Council of Ma’at Representative and Debutante said, “For me, the best feature is the photo gallery. It reminds you of all the fun times in class and at school…no other school has this.” Ptah Wright, a seventh grader, Council of Ma’at Representative, and participant in the Akhepran Cape Eleuthera Island School Immersion Program said, “The ‘About Us’ option is awesome, because it allows you to learn about the school and its philosophy. It is a great way for parents interested in the school to learn more about us”.

The instructions to install the App are simple – like any other App, just go to the google play store on an android phone, go to search, type the word akhepran, then press enter. It needs about 15MB to install, and can be identified as the App with the school’s official crest. To log in, simply do so through your facebook or twitter account. The App makes it way to Apple’s App store by the end of December 2015.

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