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Downtown Photo Project Captures the Spirit of the City
By Gevon Moss, DNP
Apr 19, 2011 - 1:07:15 PM

Photos by Benjamin Pratt

Nassau, Bahamas - Hundreds of photographs were received by the Downtown Nassau Partnership (DNP) in the Capture the City Collage project, signaling a stronger connection to downtown by the local community than most might guess. The photos also captured some amazing visuals of downtown that are missed by passers-by. For many participants, the project allowed them to tap the spirit of the City. Indeed during the submission period from February 1 - April 10 the Spirit was alive and kicking!

Every bit of the city was captured. The most recurring theme in the photos was public safety captured in the presence of police in the downtown area. The color hues in buildings, vehicles, trees, animals, people and other objects reflect a unique sense of place and showcased the vibrancy and vigor of Nassau. Some photos captured the recent fire in downtown and the soon-to-be completed Straw Market; illustrating the changes that are being made - some planned and others beyond man’s control.

There are images of nature. The flowers, birds, horses, trees, sky, sea, sun and clouds serve as reminders that other species inhabit downtown. As humans, we share downtown with all of nature. The photos also featured established and emerging downtown businesses. The photos reflect the hospitality, passion, and creativity of the people which results in a service culture and experience unique to the city.

Photos were submitted by children, students, teenagers, young adults and older people, each featuring Nassau through different lenses. “The project causes one to pause and see downtown for what it is and what it can become. I believe the true spirit of downtown was captured by the contributors”, said Gevon Moss, DNP project manager. He continued, “We are pleased with both the quality and quantity of the images that we received.”

John Bull provided a $500 gift card as the grand prize for the “Capture the Spirit of the City” project.  The winner will be announced at a special event and have a chance to express what is represented in the images.

The DNP will continue to find creative opportunities for the community engagement in the revitalization of the city of Nassau. This project alone has generated more discussions on the possibilities and the need for the public to get involved in shaping the city. Special thanks to the participants for their contribution.

As part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the city of Nassau in November 2011, the DNP plans to unveil the photo collage of the City as a truly dynamic and vibrant contribution to the city’s revitalization.

About the Downtown Nassau Partnership

The Downtown Nassau Partnership (DNP) is an interim organization formed in 2008 as a joint venture of the private and public sectors to achieve a progressive redevelopment of the city of Nassau. One of its main tasks will be to develop a framework for government to legislate a self-financing Business Improvement District that will manage and promote the City of Nassau going forward.  The DNP is guided by an 11-member Board with Charles Klonaris and Vernice Walkine as co-chairmen.

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