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LCIS Welcomes New Principal David Mindorff
By Rebecca Massey
Jul 8, 2019 - 1:34:00 PM


Lyford  Cay  International  School  (LCIS)  is  pleased  to  welcome  new  principal  Mr  David  Mindorff.  Mr  Mindorff  replaces  outgoing  principal  Dr  Stacey  Bobo,  who  leaves  as  the longest-serving  principal  in  the  school’s  57-year  history.  Mr  Mindorff  has  been  part  of  a  year-long  leadership  transition  and  has  recently  spent  the  last  two  weeks  of  June  at  the school working with teachers, hosting parent meetings and finalising plans for the fall. “Mr. Mindorff’s transition has been smooth and we are all extremely fortunate to have had such a well-coordinated and lengthy handover,” says Mr Bryan Glinton, board co-chair.

A familiar face to the school, Mr Mindorff previously worked at LCIS as a teacher and head of  the  secondary  school from 2009–2016 before departing to serve as Head of Secondary,  and then Principal, at Leman International School in Chengdu, China. Joining Mr Mindorff in August  will  be  his  wife  Michele,  who  will  serve  as  College  Counsellor  and  IB  Diploma  Programme Coordinator along with son Jonathan, who will begin Grade 9. Mr Mindorff also has three other sons, two of whom graduated from LCIS. The Mindorff family is thrilled to be back in The Bahamas.

Mr  Mindorff  rejoins  LCIS  right  as  the  school  is  in  the  early  phase  of  construction  on  a  state-of-the-art  secondary  campus.  He  is  excited  to  oversee  the  implementation  of  the school’s  next  strategic  plan  and  to  build  on  the  school’s  lengthy  history  of  success  in  the  classroom  and  in  the  community.  He  remarks,  “During  the  three  years  I  was  working  in China,  LCIS  had  students  gain  entry to Oxford, Georgetown and Columbia to name a few;  we were National senior football champs for boys and girls; we’ve counted primary student of the year and national spelling bee champions among our ranks. I could fill a page with a broad range of accomplishments of our students. With the new facilities we are developing, our  hardworking  and  talented  teaching  team  and  our  dedicated  and  stable  board  of  Directors  and  Governors,  there  is  no  end  to  what  we  can  achieve.  Being  brought  on  as Principal at LCIS is like being drafted by a Stanley Cup contender!”

Mr Mindorff was a recipient of the Gerald Cash National Distinguished Teacher Award and serves as Principal Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). He will use  his  experience  with  excellent  teaching  and  learning  to  lead  LCIS  into  an  era  of  unprecedented  growth.  With  its  new  campus  scheduled  to  open  in  the  fall  of  2020,  the school hopes to add to an already-impressive array of co-curricular and sports programmes, which  also  includes  national  award-winning  choirs and competitive swim teams. The new  campus  will  also  mean  expanded  scholarship  opportunities  for  Bahamian  students  and children of all ages. Mr Mindorff has already expanded opportunities for early learners at the Preschool  level  and  is  excited  to  announce  the  LCIS  now  has  a  full-day  pre-school  programme for students as young as 18 months.

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