New Providence
Scotiabank upgrading ABM network
By Danielle Savory
Apr 15, 2021 - 10:16:28 AM

  Enhanced services to follow temporary disruptions

New Providence, The Bahamas – Managing Director of Scotiabank (Bahamas) Roger Archer, is assuring customers that the current network upgrades being carried out by the Bank are “necessary disruptors”, that will help to enhance performance and the customer experience in the long run.

Archer explained that while customers may have experienced technical difficulties over the past few weeks when using some of the bank’s Automated Banking Machines (ABM), the upgrading work will bring expanded and enhanced services across its network of legacy ABMs once completed.
“The current upgrades are part of our continued efforts to provide our customers with improved banking experiences while using our alternate channels. This exercise also compliments the ongoing expansion of our new ‘smart’ or Intelligent Deposit Machine (IDM) network which was announced last year,” Archer noted.

He further advised that disruptions may continue temporarily and apologized for the inconvenience as the Bank urgently works to complete the process. Archer shared that the Bank will be expanding its fleet of Intelligent Deposit Machines between the months of June and July to provide enhanced access and convenience to customers.

The IDMs, which were introduced to the Bahamas in August 2020, offer smart and convenient features such as immediate credit on cash deposits, cash denomination options and credit card payments.
“We want to make banking as straightforward and limitless as possible for our customers,” said Archer. “Our transition to a more digital banking environment has been going extremely well and as we adapt to a more socially-distanced new normal, we are maximizing on the opportunity to improve remote access to banking services for our customers - a vital part of that being our ABMs,” he continued.

So far, nine IDMs have been installed across The Bahamas, specifically at the East Bay Street, Nassau Main, Carmichael Road, Thompson Blvd, Cable Beach, and Freeport branches, with an additional fleet of machines to be deployed in the coming months,

In closing, Archer reminds customers that they can use the Bank’s online and mobile platforms to conduct everyday banking services and that debit cards can also be used at business point of sale machines throughout the country. A full list of Scotiabank ABM locations is available at

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