BTC introduces new Digital ID for Essential Services Team Members
By Indira Collie, Bahamas Telecommunications Company
Apr 21, 2020 - 6:16:08 PM

Andre Foster. Senior Director Technology Operations

Nassau, The Bahamas -  BTC recently introduced a new mobile digital identification card as part of its COVID-19 initiatives, making it easier for authorities to identify its essential services team members.

Senior Director of Technology Operations, Andre Foster said, “BTC is in this together with our Government, our employees, our customers and our communities and we are committed to doing all that we can to assist, where necessary, with the fight against COVID-19. As an essential services company, we developed an innovative method of identification to easily recognize our core team members assigned to work during the restricted hours.”

Here’s how it works:

  •     The names of our essential services team members required to work during lockdown hours are submitted to the authorities.  
  •     When asked, our team members will present their BTC digital ID card to authorities
  •     Team members must also present the digital ID card to the businesses/locations where they are conducting work

The digital identification cards are unique and provide the team member’s title, function and department. The ID specifically states that the individual is an authorized COVID-19 essential services team member and it has an expiration date. Each card has an active hologram, proving authenticity and provides the current date and time as a validity check. The relevant authorities are advised to only accept the BTC digital ID card as validation from core team members.

This new digital ID card will eventually be provided to all 700 BTC team members.

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