Bahamas Department of Labour 2018 Initiatives
Jan 8, 2018 - 1:24:40 PM

Press Statement By Dion A. Foulkes Minister of Labour Department of Labour Rosetta Street 8 January, 2018:

The Department and Ministry of Labour, in fulfillment of our mission to promote and secure jobs for Bahamians, have organized three major initiatives to actively respond to the needs of job seekers and employers.
The objective of these initiatives is to make it as easy as possible for the job seeker to be successfully matched with the available job opportunities and to bring about an awareness our Public Employment Services (P.E.S.).
An Employers’ Seminar is being held today, here, at the Department of Labour, between the hours of 10:00am. – 2:00pm.
This Seminar is designed to introduce the new interactive PES website, PCRecruiter, to Human Resource managers throughout New Providence. The goal of the seminar is to provide employers with access to resumes of eligible Bahamian job seekers locally and abroad, and to provide opportunities for employers to upload job vacancies directly to our system.
We are using this opportunity to meet with and engage employers and allow these employers to meet the officers of the P. E. S. Unit and be made aware of the support role the P.E.S. Unit can provide to them.
The Department of Labour, at its various sub-offices located on Robinson Road and Carmichael Road, or its Head Office, here, can provide employers with a space to conduct job interviews off premises as well as assist with conciliation matters.
Our second initiative will take place this coming Saturday (13 January). “Labour on the Blocks” will be officially introduced in the Bain and Grants Town Constituency.
This job recruitment and registration drive will take place on the Sarah Ingraham Park at Hospital Lane and Dumping Ground Corner.
All job seekers in the area are encouraged to come out and register with our officers between 11:00am and 3:00pm.

The “Labour on the Blocks” initiative is an opportunity for the Department of Labour’s P.E.S. Unit teams to go out and meet individuals in their neighborhoods. The initiative targets job seekers who may have given up on finding gainful employment or may not understand the avenues they should take to secure employment.
The Department of Labour’s personnel will go into various communities, beginning with Bain and Grants Town, to speak with them and register them on the PCRecruiter database in an effort to match these job seekers with potential job opportunities.
We encourage businesses in these areas, to join us in this exciting initiative by coming out and registering their job vacancies on-site at the “Labour on the Blocks” events.

We will host “Labour on the Blocks” in a different community every month this year.

The third initiative is a “Construction Job Fair”.
This Job Fair is specifically focused on job seekers and employers in the construction industry and it is planned for Saturday, 20th January at the Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium from 12 noon to 4:00 pm.

We have already confirmed over twenty (20) construction companies which will be participating.

We encourage all job seekers in construction related areas to come on out and be interviewed on the spot by construction companies.
These Labour initiatives for the month of January are a great jump start to actively engaging and connecting eligible job seekers with the appropriate job opportunities making for an easier process for job seekers and employers.
The Department of Labour’s facilitation of these types of initiatives will continue into the year as we hope the goal of decreasing levels of unemployment will be successfully achieved through these programmes.
No longer will the traditional methods of job seeking and employee engagement be the only source of job placement.

Department of Labour P. E. S. Unit Officers will be registering individuals on-site at the various events.

Job seekers who are disabled are also encouraged to attend, preferably accompanied by a family member or friend who is able to assist with their registration process.

We wish to commend our Permanent Secretary, Cecilia Strachan, our Director of Labour, Mr. Robert Farquharson and the Deputy Director, Mrs. Patrenda Brice and our able and hardworking officers for organizing these events.

For more details on any of the January initiatives, please contact the Public Employment Services Unit at The Bahamas Department of Labour. 302-2550/2562

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