Prince of Pan Africanism Dr. Umar Johnson comes to The Bahamas
By Felicity Ingraham
Jun 27, 2018 - 9:06:59 AM

Dr. Umar

World renown motivational speaker on Pan Africanism Dr. Umar Johnson will be visiting The Bahamas on June 30 for a special event designed to encourage Bahamians to love their African roots as a part of understanding their true identit

He will serve as the main speaker for “Unapologetically African” presented by African Ebube, an event which will be held at the University of The Bahamas on Saturday, June 30 from 11am to 3pm.
Umar is a doctor of clinical psychology and a certified school psychologist with a “profound love and compassion” for people of African descent, “particularly for boys and young men and for their well-being”. His critically-acclaimed work "Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD wars against Black Boys" is utilised for the purpose of helping to solve a myriad of problems that seem to plague young men and boys of color, including violence, attraction to gangs, and an inability to find their place in society.

Often dubbed “the Prince of Panafricanism”, Umar is a most requested scholar on subjects related to Panafricanism worldwide and will be travelling to The Bahamas to share his passion and purpose.

African Ebube (an Igbo tribe word for “glory”) is founded by Christopher Davis and Tamara Scavella, who designed the group to “promote unity, development, education, solutions and relief for African people locally and globally”.

“I am bringing him (Umar) to shift the consciousness (in the Bahamas),” said Christopher.

“His profound knowledge and love for the African diaspora can be very beneficial to us; not only exposing harsh realities but giving solutions. He will be speaking of events of historical and social significance in relevant areas." 

"The Peter Mowell Slave ship and its link to Congo Town Fox Hill is one of the only examples globally of people living in the same community being traced back through the middle passage to a specific region in Africa - a Testament to Bahamian Naval capabilities and a deeply entrenched culture of rescuing people from slavery. It's time for us to cement our rightful place in human history and The Bahamas doesn't need people like Christopher Columbus for that."

Christopher is a beach soccer pioneer in the country. He is one of two players to win “beach soccer champion” (Swiss league). He is also a historical researcher and storyteller who is one of a few formal teachers on modern day slavery in the region at the Pompey museum, with a specialty in black Bahamian history.

Tamara is responsible for Afrikan Ebube’s Community Outreach and Development arm and will host the “Unapologetically African” event. She is a well-known vocalist known by the stage name “Lyrics” and is also an actress as well as a health and fitness advisor.

"I am African not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me,” she told Tribune Weekend, adding that “this Kwame Nkurmah quote perfectly encompasses one of the many truths and values that Afrikan Ebube will be championing in our search for identity."

She notes that Dr. Umar Johnson’s visit will serve as a catalyst for the launch of African Ebube.  You can find them at of Facebook page: Brainfood 242.
The event at the University of the Bahamas Performing Arts Center will be held from 11am to 3pm, and doors open 9:45am.

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