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OAS Simultaneously Deploys Electoral Observation Missions in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Apr 5, 2021 - 9:37:56 AM

The Organization of American States (OAS) deployed electoral observation missions in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, where elections will be held on April 11.

In Ecuador, the Mission will observe the second round of presidential elections. The Mission began its deployment in stages starting on April 1 and was present in the National Simulation of Voting Day. This Mission, led by the former Vice President of Panama Isabel de Saint Malo, and made up of 77 people of 21 different nationalities, who will be deployed in 18 provinces and four cities outside the country, will follow up on issues related to electoral organization and technology, computer security, voting abroad and electoral justice.

In Peru, the Mission headed by the former Foreign Minister of Paraguay Rubén Ramírez Lezcano, will observe elections in which voters will chose the president of the republic, two vice presidents, 130 members of Congress and five members of the Andean Parliament. The Mission arrived in the country on April 3 and is made up of 34 people from 15 different nationalities, who will deploy in 10 departments and five cities outside the country. The Mission will observe aspects related to electoral organization and technology, computer security, political financing, electoral justice, the political participation of women, indigenous peoples and people of African descent, and voting abroad.

Finally, the OAS will deploy a Mission to observe the second round of the Election of Departmental, Regional and Municipal Political Authorities in Bolivia. Headed by the former counselor of the then-Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico Rodrigo Alfonso Morales Manzanares, the seven members of seven different nationalities will be deployed in the departments of La Paz, Chuquisaca, Pando and Tarija.

In the three countries, the Missions will meet with electoral authorities, candidates, political parties, academics and members of civil society, virtually and in person, to hear their perspectives on the elections. The information collected in these meetings, as well as what was observed during the election days, will form part of the preliminary reports that, individually, will be presented in the days after the elections.
Press Release, Organization of American States.

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