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Birthing Gently Into the New World Age
By Angelika Christie
Jan 5, 2010 - 11:29:10 PM

Is there anybody who has not yet heard about the significance of 2012?

What is it? What is fact, what is fiction?

Without a doubt, the world is changing rapidly. The very survival of our species may be at risk if we ignore the present signs and those of the past.

Some of the signs are: global warming, increasing violence and fear, economical hardship, collapse of the financial systems, rapid depletion of our natural food and energy resources... and the list goes on.

It is enough to create anxiety and fear.

But we also live in the most exciting time of our lives; we witness the ending of a World Age and the beginning of another. The Age of Pisces that began over 2000 years ago is coming to a close on the winter solstice on December 21st, 2012 and we move into the Age of Aquarius. This is not new age stuff, but a very specific alignment of planets in our solar system together with our planet earth moving closest to the center of our galaxy into a very strong magnetic field. This galactic alignment creates the trigger for a shift in our solar system, affecting our planet; it also triggers change in us.

Everything on earth as well as in space happens in cycles, larger and smaller ones; the cycle of day and night, of the moon, of a woman’s monthly phase, the seasons, and also cycles in history and geology. We do not have the time here to discuss all the cycles. Do a bit of your own is fascinating.! I recommend Gregg Braden’s book “ Fractal Time” here, as well as Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book “ Spontaneous Evolution”.

Sometimes we wish we could get back to “normal”, but there is a new “normal” now that is rapidly changing as well. The new understanding through quantum physics has challenged our belief systems. Are we going to ignore the truth because it feels uncomfortable? Are you ready to look at life in a new way?

Science, belief systems and spirituality are coming together, supporting what many of us had already felt to be true for a long time, namely the Oneness of all that is.

In the last 2000 years, science and politics have told us about: separation, polarities, good and bad, darkness and light. We were told that we have to fight the darkness (because it is dangerous) and look only for the light (because it loves us). We are always in conflict with everything we don’t want to accept. Often we are even in conflict with ourselves! Separation and conflicts amongst people and nations have been escalating to a degree that our very survival is at risk.

But now we have a chance to make a better choice. We have a window of opportunity to create a better world. It may only be open for a few years though. The earth is changing. If we do not change, we may vanish.

Albert Einstein said this many decades ago:

We (humanity) shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

We have to look what lessons we can learn from the last 5000 years. The exact years of one of the cycles is 5125 years. Bring out your history books and you will find amazing rises and destructions of civilizations, global warming, floods and many cataclysmic events at predictable intervals in time-space. I believe that whatever is not sustainable, (which is basically fear, injustices, greed and wars), will not be part of the new awakening.

As far back as 1944, Professor Dr. Max Planck discovered that everything has an energy field. He called it the “shared field of energy”. It was a scientific observation.

Today we know without a doubt, that our body’s energy field is connected to every cell inside our body, as well as to everything outside of our body.....yes, it is even connected to our planets’ magnetic energy field.

The proof for this was triggered by an observation at NASA. What they found was a major glitch in the magnetic energy field of the earth, which is monitored by 2 satellites 23 thousand miles up in space. These satellites send data to earth every 30 minutes in order to give NASA a graph of the magnetic energy field of the earth. Possible sun flares or plasma storms traveling our way constantly threaten our planet.

When scientists at NASA overlapped the unusual spike with a date and timeline, it showed up that this event coincided exactly with the hit of the first plane into the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th 2001; actually the glitch happened 15 minutes after this event.

What does this tell us? Through the media and the Internet, the world has become one large family. News travel at the speed of light, and they affect us all.

The outburst of emotions from the millions of human hearts was visible in earth’s electromagnetic field. Not the energy from our minds, but from our combined heart pulses.

We always thought that our brain sends out the larges electrical charge. Boy, were we wrong! It is our hearts’ signal that pulsates 5000 times stronger than our brain. Although in constant communication, the heart signals the brain. Your heart is the seat of your feelings and emotions.

WE , yes, YOU and I, have a measurable influence on everything; from climate changes to how we create our world and how we experience it.

Human emotions have the ability to communicate with the energy field of the earth! This is no science fiction, but pear reviewed and confirmed science from the greatest minds of our time.

By having a different feeling in your heart, you set into motion the electric impulses...the nonverbal communication that connects you to everything else. It is the very language of creation and manifestation. You are alive at this time to witness and take part in this extraordinary event; an event that generations have to wait thousands of years before this kind of event will return. How amazing is that??? Please take care of yourself to stay alive and be a warrior for positive change. This is what you have to know right now to support your healing: Breathe love and harmony from your heart to the rest of your body!

We constantly speak a non- verbal language. Our cells hear it and create the appropriate chemistry to either affirm life, or shorten it. The body’s response to strong belief and feelings is immediate; this is how spontaneous healing can happen. Your belief system and the strong emotion that supports it are a tremendously powerful and creative force; we use it all the time, mostly unconsciously though. And then we are often surprised at what happened and don’t understand why it did.

We are not passive observers of what may happen, but we can actively participate and create the change in ourselves that we want to see in the world.

Ask yourself this question: What if I can help others and myself by focusing on the language of my heart, to see and feel Oneness instead of separation. It may need consistent practice, but the rewards will be enormous.

Expect miracles when you start to practice bringing coherence and harmony between your heart and your brain. Make a conscious choice for peace. You don’t have to like or agree with the perpetrators, but you still need to send love from your heart.

The power of the human heart is what will save us!

May this season of love and joy bring all the blessings of health and prosperity to you. May your prayers for yourself, your families, your community, your country and our planet earth send healing energy to the countless hearts of all peoples, and so support the birthing of the New World Age of everlasting peace.

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