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Integration is a win-win situation
By Angelika Christie, ND
Apr 7, 2009 - 2:32:29 AM

I am deeply touched by the many responses to articles. I receive e-mails, phone calls and encouraging comments in person throughout the week. So, after having heard how much some of you enjoy my articles, and how valuable my advise is to many of you, how can I stop delivering my messages? I can’t with a good conscience. I also have to remind myself that I made a commitment to write weekly articles for a full year (more so to the News Paper than to you, but now you know too). That means 52 articles on health and health related issues.

I delivered 21 so far. All of my articles were on natural health and healing, sometimes condemning the medical field whose exclusive focus is on allopathic medicine. But I am fully aware that main- stream medicine has its place, and, at least from time to time we all profit from it, (including me as you remember from my last article). I guess the predicament I have with allopathic medicine is that the pharmaceutical companies often rule it. I question the motives for pushing their products through the offices of most medical doctors.

What do you think is more important to “Big Pharma”, to cure and heal, or to create the highest profit to themselves and their share holders? Medicine is big business, and the biggest profits are made from your most devastating diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Just listen to the ‘brain washing’ TV commercials: Lipitor, Crestor and Cialis alone have become a household name. If you listen carefully, the TV commercial even suggests that the time may be right now for you to start the treatment, suggesting that it is not if you may need it, but when.

Of course they also have to say what the side effects could be….do you realize that they go very quickly through the long list, with a subdued tone of voice, so you may not be too alarmed about the side effects being more dangerous than the possible benefits?

Allright, having said that, I want you to know that I do not condemn all prescription medications; I believe they are a wonderful tool for (mostly and preferably) short- term treatment. My belief is that the ultimate healing takes place from within your body after having restored equilibrium and homeostasis, which means that in a healthy terrain (body) disease cannot be present. We do not create a healthy body through pharmaceuticals!

My own experience during my challenges with the flu confirmed to me, that the antibiotics I took to prevent a serious bronchial or lung infection had also major side effects; they were not life threatening, but very uncomfortable and needed another antifungal prescription. Powerful Antibiotics kill all bacteria in your body… the good along with the bad. I did not replace the good ones fast enough with “Probiotics”, which protect from an overgrowth of unfriendly microbes. The healing process is not complete after you stop taking your medication; it is rather the beginning.

I believe that an integrated approach to health problems is the best solution. We are moving in that direction, albeit too slowly. Most medical doctors do not have the training, or time to advise their patients about the options for a complete healing after a course of medical interventions. It is time consuming to establish a personalized regimen that would also include how to prevent future afflictions. This is why we need a more integrated process; a recognition by the medical community of the great value of post medical care through qualified health care professionals. Would that not be a win-win situation for all of us? It would also put more pressure on Insurance Companies to reimburse for such services. We may have to pull together as customers of these Health Insurance Companies to demand better and inclusive policies.

In Germany, my place of birth until my mid thirties, I was used to receiving preventive and post medical alternative care, which was fully paid for by my Insurance Company. Get this, in Germany you have the right to an extra 2 weeks of “Kur Urlaub” (Spa treatments to restore health) in addition to your regular paid 2-4weeks of yearly vacation, if you are eligible. Being eligible is very simple: you are beyond 30 years of age and have worked for some years. Now, this is how I remember it; it may be better now, or a bit less generous. But this I know: in countries where the medical community has embraced alternative or complimentary health treatments, the people are healthier and live longer. It is interesting that the classifications for non-medical treatments have migrated from being called: ‘Alternative’ to ‘Complimentary’, and now (the one I like best) ‘Integration’. What could be better than integrating the best of medical interventions with the best of proven healing modalities? It is totally logical to me, and not because I am practicing in the non-medical Healing Arts. Integration of medical and non-medical modalities is a win-win solution. In my next articles I will introduce some of the true healing modalities to you…so keep reading my articles.

Dr. Angelika Christie is the managing director of Radiant Health Center You can reach her at 242-352-1010 or

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