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Reiki Energy Medicine, Ancient and New
By Angelika Christie ND
Feb 25, 2008 - 2:37:14 PM


During the next two months, I would like to speak to you about different modalities of Energy Medicine and how you can benefit from these ancient and new discoveries.

Long before modern medicine existed, people got healed through the application of herbal remedies combined with prayer, or ritual.

Today, most herbal remedies gave way to pharmaceutical preparations. Unfortunately the healing process often stays incomplete, or temporary. All ancient Healers knew and recently Science, through quantum physics, acknowledged that everything is Energy.

Consequently, Energy affects every part of us: our body, our mind, our emotions, and our spirit. I dare to say, that almost every disease starts in our mental/emotional body. Even the best eating habits will not fully benefit you if your mind and emotions are disturbed. Becoming fully aware of your mental attitude, which affects your emotions and spirit, is the first step toward complete health and healing.

Reiki is a most amazing healing modality that I was introduced to more than 15 years ago. It had changed my life then, and still plays an important part in my life today; it is who and what I am. Hmmm…. This may sound like a strange statement to you, so let me explain what Reiki is:

Reiki is Universal Life-force Energy. It is the very energy that everything is made of. We also call it Unconditional Love, which is the energy of our Creator. This ancient healing system was practiced in Tibet more than 3000 years ago and was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in April of 1921. It was given to him after a 40 day fast in one of Japan’s most sacred mountains. The history of Reiki is fascinating, but too long to go into here. In the First Degree Seminar of learning the Usui Reiki System, I go much deeper into the history of Reiki.

Have you heard this phrase before: “when the student is ready, the master appears”? This is how it was with me. I was searching for a long time, but could not find a satisfying answer to how and why healing takes place, and the involvement of Spirit.

When I found the person I trusted to teach me Reiki, I could not have imagined the profound love and healing that would take place that weekend at our home in Freeport Bahamas. Four other family members, including my husband, agreed be part of our first Reiki Seminar.

Our Reiki Master Teacher, Myrna, arrived at a time when we had a small tragedy with our dog; he ran into a car. His ribcage was crushed and he needed to stay as motionless as possible to even have a chance to survive. I kept him in a playpen. The same afternoon my Reiki Master arrived in our home. I had to leave her for about an hour to run some errands and pick up my children from school.

When I returned home, our beloved dog was sitting right beside her, wagging his tail and looking so different. What had happened? What brought about this miraculous change for the better in him? I asked Myrna, and with great simplicity and soft voice, she said:

“He received Reiki”.

Everybody could see, that a great change for the better had taken place, but to make sure, I took him to the veterinarian the next day.He could not believe that our dog’s ribcage had healed to such a degree in 24 hours what should have taken a week, or more. Well, I was blown away by the un-assuming power and gentle application of this healing system. I received the gift of Reiki that weekend, and I am still grateful and humble whenever I feel this powerful yet subtle energy flowing through me, and out of my hands. I continued studying with Myrna and received my Master Teacher training certificate in April 1993. Today I still share and teach Reiki, as do the five Reiki Master Teachers I trained over the years. Reiki has become a true blessing for countless clients and students.

You remember that I said earlier, that Reiki is Universal Life-force Energy, and Unconditional Love, which come from our Creator. It is also the most primordial energy that balances, harmonizes, and consequently brings about healing. It goes deep into the cellular structure of our tissues and, like a tuning fork, induces the proper vibrational frequencies to the cells that are out of tune, so to speak.

How does this happen? Nobody really knows, and it is not important to know, because we do not diagnose, or treat with Reiki. That is a mayor difference between modern medicine and even other energy treatment modalities. Reiki is Spirit guided, and is innately connected and in communication with the needs of the recipient. This means that the practitioner, who is only the conduit for this energy, is not attached to any particular outcome; he/she has to get out of wanting to do, and into surrender and allowing.

The beauty of Reiki lies in its simplicity. The difference between Reiki and other energy healing modalities is that in Reiki the facilitator (healer) does not manipulate the energy, but allows his body to be used as a conduit. Remember that Reiki is Spirit guided Universal Life-force Energy; no energy is pushed into, or pulled out of the recipient, or manipulated in any way. The healing energy adjusts to the needs of the recipient, and since it is Spirit guided it can never do any harm.

A Reiki session is very relaxing and comforting; the recipient usually feels warmth and sometimes a tingle. Very often the client falls asleep during a session, but feels refreshed and relaxed on awakening. Part of this is due to the ability of the practitioner to create a loving and safe space for the healing to take place. The intent of the practitioner is that of a focused presence and surrender to the healing Reiki energy that flows through her/his hands into the recipient.

The experience for the Reiki practitioner is one of deep gratitude and awe for the privilege of being used as a facilitator, knowing that it is not her/his energy, but the omnipotent power of Spirit through the modality of this ancient healing system called Reiki.

Reiki cannot be learned through books, but is given directly to the student in a series of attunement by a qualified Reiki Master Teacher. In computer terms it means, that the energy system of the student becomes hardwired for Reiki. Powerful symbols that were giver to Dr. Mikau Usui almost a century ago and thousands of Reiki Masters have worked with since are placed into energy generating centers of the student. These energy- generating systems exist in everybody, and are called “Chakras” in the Eastern Methodology.

At my newly opened Health and Healing Center, which is called Radiant Health Center, I receive people of all ages and walks of live who want to experience Reiki to get well. Reiki does heal on all levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body continuum. Since it cannot do harm, there is no contra indication to any other treatment, or condition. This alone is soothing and reassuring, it does not exist in conventional medicine, where treating a disease often creates havoc on other body systems.

Many Reiki practitioners have amazing stories to tell about how Reiki has effected their lives and the lives of their families, including their pets, plants and “things”. Reiki has a positive effect on everything whether it is human, animal, plant, or machine. I have witnessed how depleted batteries, or “frozen up” computers were energized by applying Reiki; it is the best first aid.

Please come to Radiant Health Center and find out how you can receive and even learn how to treat yourself with this gentle but profound Universal Life-force Energy, Reiki. Every Thursday evening from 5:30 Pm until 6:30 PM a free Reiki Circle takes place at Radiant Health Center where you can experience what the energy feels like during a 10-15 minutes treatment while sitting comfortably in a chair.

I personally invite you to come and find out, and sample one of the many amazing Energy Medicine modalities we offer at Radiant Health Center. Stop by, or better call for an appointment: 242-352-1010

Our next Reiki 1 Seminar takes place on March 1st 2008. For other Seminars including the next Reiki Seminars refer to our Calendar posted in our Center, or in TheBahamasWeekly.

I send you joy and radiance,

Dr. Angelika Christie

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