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The Law of Your Life
By Angelika
Dec 7, 2009 - 9:16:56 AM

This may sound like a heavy title. You see I really want your attention here. I will wrap up my one year of writing articles for you that (hopefully) helped you in some ways, or at least induced a reaction of agreement, disagreement or stimulation to think for yourself.

We have covered many topics of health and wellbeing. We covered how to stay healthy or how to regain health after disease. Each of my articles is a piece of a puzzle; when you put it all together you should understand more clearly what a healthy human being is.  

Today I want to talk about the law of life; your life as much as mine and everybody else’s. You may think “Oh I know, it is about balance and taking the golden middle path in life”. Yes, but the law of life is much more precise than that. You see, the law of life is not like the man-made laws that change from country to country and throughout time.

The law of life is universal and systemic. It is mathematics and physics and applies whether you believe in it, or not. No bias, no discriminations, no favouring of any kind. It is just because it cannot be corrupted. Isn’t this fantastic and reassuring? How powerful is that?  

The law is that the universe says, “yes” to everything you say or think. Fortunately it does not manifest immediately, you create a mold or vessel in which your thoughts and words are collected for manifestation. Already you will attract what you say and think of. The law of attraction works mathematically: you become a magnet, which attracts the things, situations and people that are coherent with your thoughts, words and desires.

For example: if you think and say: “ I don’t have money” or “I cannot afford this”, or “ I am sick”. You will manifest just that. You may wonder why your situation does not change, or why it is so difficult to create a life of abundance and happiness.  

There is a very famous book by James Allen. It is a small volume and was written over 100 years ago. It is called “As a man thinketh”. You may have read it….read it again because it has stood the test of time with its simple truth: “You are what you think”, and you manifest into your life what you think, even in the weakest situations. I highly recommend you read this book. It is free to download and only 22 pages long.

Here is a quote from this book: “ The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart - this you will build your life by; this you will become”. You see by the wording that it was written long time ago. But truth is timeless and simple. Somehow we often have the idea the law of physics and mathematics do not apply to our lives; but they do, like to everything in the Universe. Your thoughts, your prayers and unshakable faith are vibrations that attract the very thing you desire into your life.

As I said before, it seldom happens instantaneously, but needs time and effort and focus. If you desire something, or pray for something and just hope it will come to pass, it becomes a very weak signal. You sabotage your desired end result with every thought or word that states the opposite. So you see how important it is to become the master of your destiny by disciplining your thoughts. Of course you also have to take appropriate action.  

There is also the collective thought energy. The destiny of a group of people or a whole country is very much dependent on their collective thoughts. We manifest our destiny by electing the people we think will be the best to run our country. This has consequences that we often blame on someone or something. In truth it was the collective thought that made a certain situation possible. As we are today connected via the Media and the Internet to the whole world, our collective thoughts have worldwide consequences.   

We are at a crossroad where we are forced, due to a lack of care and responsibility in the past, to make decisions that will either create a better place for all to live and thrive, or a “hell” on earth. These decisions include environmental issues as much as economical, social and political ones. I believe that the time for justice for all and the care for one another is “knocking hard on our doors”. These doors are not real ones but the door to our conscience; our innate knowing for what is right and what is wrong. We are moving into a new era. Intuitively many of us know and feel the stress of change, which manifests in our physical bodies. We need more rest, more love, more support and time alone to assimilate the changes.

Beware of fear. Do not allow yourself to move into fear because it makes change more painful. Chaos is necessary to uproot what is not appropriate anymore and bring about a new order. When you change your bad eating habits for better choices, you will experience what is called a “healing crisis”. It is uncomfortable, but does not last very long. According to the law of nature, cleansing is called for before something new can be put into its place. This can be painful, confusing and violent at times.  

We live in the midst of a time of change and cleansing. We have to make decisions about where we want to be physically, mentally and spiritually as the era of a new order approaches. The year 2012 is just around the corner and it is an important year of transformation and implementation of the world we envision. I call upon you to increase the light and love and unity in our country and replace fear with love, even for those you do not understand or seem to be the enemy.

For the health of your body, mind and soul and that of all people who share the same planet, remember: the law of your life is the same as the law of everybody else’s life and of the whole universe. What you think, say and act upon has consequences far beyond your own life. It is the law that cannot be changed because it is universal.  

Angelika Christie ND is the managing director of Radiant Health Center

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