Royal Bahamas Police Force
MISSING PERSON: Rebecca Coriam
By Chrislyn Skippings RBPF, PACO
Dec 16, 2011 - 3:34:45 PM


On Tuesday 22nd March 2011, a twenty-four year old British national, Miss Rebecca Coriam, was reported missing from the cruise ship, Disney Wonder, on which she was employed as a children’s counselor. At the time of Rebecca’s disappearance, the cruise ship was en route from Mexico to Los Angeles.

The Captain of the Disney Wonder promptly initiated a full search of the ship. Additionally, a sea search was carried out by the Mexican Navy and The United States Coast Guard. Regrettably, all searches failed to locate Rebecca Coriam. The Disney Wonder is registered on the Merchant Shipping Register of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Bahamian Police authorities have investigatory jurisdiction. A Senior Detective Superintendent of The Royal Bahamas Police Force, who led the police investigations into the disappearance of Rebecca, was dispatched
promptly to the Disney Wonder upon report of the disappearance and undertook several days of onboard investigations.

Police investigations included repeated searches of the cruise ship, interviews of Rebecca’s co-workers, collection and analysis of Rebecca’s personal effects found onboard the ship, collection and analysis of CCTV recordings. The Federal Bureau of Investigations of The United States of America and British police provided assistance as requested by Bahamian Police. The Captain and crew of the Disney Wonder cooperated extensively. Rebecca Coriam continues to be missing. No evidence has been found to suggest foul play.

Rebecca’s family has been apprised of the status of the investigations on multiple occasions.

As with every missing person report, the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam will remain open until her whereabouts or fate can be accounted for by sufficient evidence.

Anyone who may have information regarding the disappearance of Miss Rebecca Coriam is asked to contact Bahamian police at: Telephone 911, 919 the CENTRAL DETECTIVE UNIT @ 1-242- 502-9991 or 1-242- 502-9910 or CRIME STOPPERS @ 1-242- 328-TIPS; or email: RBPF Public Affairs & Communications Dept. 16/12/11

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