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Ross University 4th Semester Banquet
By Jeff Perumean, Sem. 4 Bahamas Class Rep.
Apr 14, 2009 - 3:59:00 PM

Photo: Bernardino Villescas Jr B.S.

Grand Bahama Island - On March 21st the Bahamas Ross University held their 4th Semester Banquet at the Our Lucaya Resort.

The medical education at Ross University is composed of 10 semesters (analogous to 4 academic years). Four of these semester is our Basic Science study which is rigorous book study and many hours of lecture. Following the 4 semesters Basics Science study, students move into hospitals for their final 6 semesters to approach medicine from a more "hands on" approach. This is the Clinical Medicine period often referred by many health professionals and students as "rotations" or "internships".

The 4th Semester Banquet is a significant milestone in our rigorous medical education. This event celebrates the successful completion of Basic Sciences and the transition to Clinical Medicine for the 4th Semester students. It provides an opportunity for many students to say a final "thank you" and "good-bye" to important faculty and fellow students many of whom we may never see again. The Banquet represents a meaningful landmark in our journey and the next rung toward achieving our medical degree and ultimately entering the medical field as a young professional. 
All photos seen here are by Ross medical student, Bernardino Villescas Jr B.S.

SLIDESHOW Photos: Bernardino Villescas Jr B.S.

SLIDESHOW Photos: Bernardino Villescas Jr B.S.

SLIDESHOW Photos: Bernardino Villescas Jr B.S.

SLIDESHOW Photos: Bernardino Villescas Jr B.S.

A big THANKS to Bernie who took all the photos featured here!

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