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Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) Bahamas Expands To Eleuthera
By Delano Munroe
Jan 21, 2015 - 2:59:00 PM


Nassau, Bahamas - One of the objective of the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is to make available to all young people throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas the option to freely participate in a structured wholesome holistic life skills development youth program.

A delegation headed by the President & CEO – President Mr. Delano Munroe, Executives, District Managers, Mentors and Students from New Providence travelled to South and Central Eleuthera January 16-18, 2015 to introduce and launch the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) to the residence, community stakeholders, schools, students and stakeholders in Central and South Eleuthera.

The visit to South and Central Eleuthera was a joint project that was sanctioned and supported by YEP Bahamas, The Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, The Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture and the Ministry of Local Government.

Excitement of the launch of YEP Bahamas filled the atmosphere on the Island as the delegation made formal presentations at the Preston H. Albury High School, Central Eleuthera High School, The Island School and at a youth meeting hosted by St. Luke’s Anglican Church hall.

Mrs. Galanos, Principal of Central Eleuthera High School said that she welcomes YEP Bahamas to her School and look forward to working with the program as it is developed for her students. She further indicated that YEP Bahamas will be a great youth program to positively engage those students at her school who look forward to participating in activities such as those that YEP offer.


During presentations at both Preston H. Albury High School, Central Eleuthera High School, and with the Youth assembled at St. Luke’s Anglican Church. Mr. Munroe the President & CEO assured the groups that YEP Bahamas will make an aggressive effort to ensure that the same opportunities available to the Students in New Providence is always available to the Students on the Family Islands. He also indicated that YEP Bahamas is excited to make available the program in their area and he commits his full attention and support to the success of YEP Eleuthera.

Key stakeholders were identified from South and Central Eleuthera to manage the program in the interim. During the next (4) four months pilot programs, projects and student exchanges will be made available at both High Schools in South and Central Eleuthera to determine the ideal model that will work best for Eleuthera. Continuous meetings, resources and dialogue will be ongoing to ensure the longevity and sustainability of YEP Bahamas in Eleuthera.

YEP Bahamas is a non-profit organization that is registered and sanctioned by the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture. Over the next two years the Youth Empowerment Program intends to launch YEP in all major Family Islands. Ms. Clara Young – Youth Officer from the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture assigned to South and Central Eleuthera said that she is excited to work with YEP Bahamas and intergrade YEP along with the other programs available on the Island.

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