2011 Bahamas IAAF World Youth Championships Team
By Alpheus Finlayson, BAAA
Jul 5, 2011 - 6:09:03 PM

Latario Minns-Collie wins at 2010 Jr. CAC in Santo Domingo. Photo courtesy of Dean Greenaway.

This could be the best ever Bahamas contingent to this event, which is the newest World Series event of the IAAF, starting only in 1999, the brainchild of former IAAF president Primo Nebiolo of Italy. 

In the six previous editions of this event The Bahamas has won only one medal, a Bronze in the 200m by Grand Bahama’s Nivea Smith in Ostrava, Czech Republic in 2007. 

The competition in the 2011 IAAF World Youth Championships in Lille France is just days away. The Bahamas fifteen member team is ready to roll. The age group is Under-18 compared to the junior age of Under-20.

The Bahamas is competing in only one field event, the Boys Triple Jump, where twins Latario Collie-Minns and Lathone Collie- Minns rank first and third on the IAAF 2011 performance list. Latario has jumped 16.55m at the Scotiabank National High School Track and Field Championships. Lathone jumped 15.73m in that meet. Cuban Yodenys Rivera is just one centimeter ahead of Lathone at 15.74m.

Shaunae Miller captures 400m at 2010 Jr. CAC Championships in Santo Domingo. Photo courtesy of Dean Greenaway.

World 400m Junior Champion Shaunae Miller clocked 51.85sec at the BTC Jr. & Sr. National Track and Field Championships last week in Freeport for a new Bahamas National Jr. Record. This ranks second on the IAAF list to Jamaica’s Chris Ann-Gordon, who clocked 51.62sec. 

She is also ranked fourth in the 200m worldwide with a 23.70sec clocking done at the Scotiabank National High School Track and Field Championships. Miller will concentrate on the 400m. 

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Andre Wells practicing in Lille, France Photo courtesy of Laura Pratt-Charlton

Andre Wells of Grand Bahama is expected to do well in the 400m. He upset Carifta champion O’Jay Ferguson at the BTC Jr. & Sr. Track and Field Championships with a 46.87sec clocking. His 46.63sec at the BAAA World Youth Trials ranks him seventh in the world. 

The above are the top ranked Bahamians participating in Lille. The other athletes are: 

Anthony Adderley  200m 

This is Adderley’s second team ever. He participated in the 4x100m relay in last year’s Jr. CAC Championships in Santo Domingo. He has gone all the way to the top with his selection for an individual event to the World Youth. Adderley has a 21.71sec personal best. 

The best performance in the world for Youth this year is the 20.82sec done by the United State’s Arman Hall. 

Devynne Charlton   100m 

Charlton is the Gold medalist in the 100m for the Under-17 Division of the Carifta Games. She qualified with 11.91sec done at Carifta. Charlton also qualified in the 100m hurdles but decided to concentrate on the 100m at the World Youth. She is a multi-Carifta medalist. 

The best time done in the world by a Youth athlete in this event is 11.39sec done by Christiana Williams of Jamaica. 

Latario Collie-Minns  Triple Jump 

Latario is the leading Triple Jumper in the world in this division.

He competed in the World Junior Championships last year. 

His best this year is 16.55m. 

Latario was injured after this performance and was unable to participate at the Carifta Games. 

Lathone Collie-Minns  Triple Jump 

Lathone has the third best jump in the world this year. He finished second at the Carifta Games. 

Lathone participated at the Youth Olympics in Singapore last year. 


Carmiesha Cox   200m 

Cox won the 200m for Girls Under-17 at this year’s Carifta Games with a time of 23.96sec. The best time ran by a Youth athlete this year is 23.32sec by Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson. 

Delano Davis   100m 

Davis won the 100m for the Under-17 Division at Carifta in April. His time was 10.75sec. 

The best time in the world for a Youth this year is 10.27sec by Jamaica’s Jazeel Murphy.  

Gregria Higgs   100m 

Higgs ran 12.18sec to qualify for this year’s team. 

The world’s leading time of 11.39sec done by Christiana Williams of Jamaica. 

Kirk Lewis    110m Hurdles 

Lewis has a 14.25sec qualifying time in the 110m hurdles, in his first ever world event. 

The leading time in the world this year is by Andreis van Der Merwe of South Africa is 13.39sec (altitude). 

Shaunae Miller    400m 

Her 51.85sec is just under that of Chris-Ann Gordon who clocked 51.62sec. 

Gordon was the Silver medalist at Carifta. 

Miller’s experience at last year’s World Junior Championships should put her in good stead for the World Youth. 

Stephen Newbold       200m 

Newbold ran at the World Junior as well as the Youth Olympics last year. This year he has a best of 21.23sec. He ran 47.32sec in securing a Bronze medal at the Carifta Games in Montego Bay but has decided that his chance of winning a medal is greater in the 200m than the 400m. Last year he set a record in the Under-17 400m hurdles in Carifta. 

The world’s leading Youth time in the 200m is 20.82sec by the USA’s Arman Hall. 

Tommy Outten    100m 

Outten ran 10.85sec to qualify. He ran 10.90sec at this year’s Carifta Games. 

The best time in the world this year by a Youth is 10.27sec by Jamaica’s Jazeel Murphy at the Carifta Games. 

Ashley Riley    800m 

Riley ran a surprising 1 min 53.57 at Carifta for the Silver medal. 

The best performance in the World this year by a Youth is 1:45.74 by Ethiopia’s Mohammed Aman. 

Andre Wells     400m 

Wells has really improved since the Carifta Games, where he did not qualify to run an individual event. At the Youth Championships Trials he beat Carifta bronze medalist Stephen Newbold, and at the BTC Jr. & Sr. National Track and Field Championships he defeated the Gold medalist O’Jay Ferguson. 

Aman Hall of the USA has the best time in the world at 46.22sec. 

Pedrya Seymour Medley Relay 

Seymour was the Silver medalist at Carifta in the Under-17 300m hurdles. In Lille she will run the 300m leg of the medley relay, which is 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m. 

We were unable to secure the names of the other participants of the medley relay at this time. 

This overall team is considered very strong and is expected to do better than any other Bahamian team in the IAAF World Youth Championships. 

Previous Championships 

    1999    Bydgoszcz, Poland


    2001    Debrecen, Poland     

    2003     Sherbrooke,Canada 

    2005     Marakech, Morroco 

    1.   Ostrava, Czech Republic
  1. Suditrol, Italy

Devynne Charlton passes baton to Pedrya Seymour while practicing in Lille, France. Photo courtesy of Laura Pratt-Charlton

Devynne Charlton passes baton to Pedrya Seymour while practicing in Lille, France. Photo courtesy of Laura Pratt-Charlton 

In the Bahamas’s last outing in Suditrol, the Women’s Medley relay team of V’alonee Robinson, Katarina Smith, Rashan Brown, and Katrina Seymour finished fourth with a 2:09.33 clocking, just .08 off the Bronze medal won by Romania. Jamaica was fifth in this event. 

At last year’s Inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore, Tynia Gaither won the Silver medal in the 200m. She along with Rashan Brown participated in the Gold medal medley relay team. 

Brown finished fourth in the 400m. 

Bahamian Team Personnel 

Managers- Maebeline Miller

                   Laura Pratt-Charlton

Head Coach- Peter Pratt

Coaches- David Charlton

              Floyd Armbrister

Physician- Dr. Rickey Davis

Physiotherapist- Dr. Sophia Neeley

Chaperone- Debbie Smith

Press Liaison- Kermit Taylor 

Schedule for Bahamian Athletes 

Wednesday, July6th  

9:50am-3:50am Nassau- Men 800m Heats/ Ashley Riley

                                      Andre Colebrooke 

12:05pm- 6:05am Nassau- Women 400m Heats/ Shaunae Miller 

12:25pm -6:25am Nassau- Men 100m Heats/ Delano Davis

                                          Tommy Outten 

16:35pm- 10:35am Nassau- Men 400m Heats/ Stephen Newbold

                                          Andre Wells 

17:30pm- 11:30am Nassau- Women 100m Heats/ Devynne Charlton

                                           Gregria Higgs 

Thursday, July 7 th  

11:40am -5:40am Nassau- Men’s 110m Hurdles Heats/ Kirk Lewis 

16:25pm- 10:25am Nassau- Men’s 400m Semi-Final 

16:50pm- 10:50am Nassau- Women’s 100m Semi-Final 

17:10pm- 11:10am Nassau- Men 800m Semi-Final 

17:40pm- 11:40am Nassau- Men 100m Semi-Final 

19:15pm-1:15pm Nassau- Women’s 100m Final 

19:45pm- 1:45pm Nassau- Men’s 100m Final 

Friday, July 8 th  

9:35am-3:35am Nassau- Women’s 200m Heats/ Carmeisha Cox 

11:00am- 5:00am Nassau- Men’s 200m Heats / Anthony Adderley 

16:00pm-10:00am Nassau- Men’s Triple Jump Qualifying Round

                                          Latario Collie_Minns, Lathone Collie-Minns 

17:00pm-11:00am Nassau-Men’s 110m Hurdles Semi-Final 

18:50pm-12:50pm Nassau- Men’s 400m Final 

19:05pm-1:o5pm Nassau- Women’s 400m Final 

19:25pm- 1:25pm Nassau- Men’s 110m Hurdles Final 

Saturday, July 9 th  

10:55am-4:55am Nassau- Women’s Medley Relay Heats 

11:30am- 5:30am Nassau- Men’s Medley Relay Heats 

16:10pm- 10:10am Nassau- Women’s 200m Semi-Final 

16:40pm- 10:40am Nassau- Men’s 200m Semi-Final 

17:00pm-11:00am Nassau- Men’s Triple Jump Final  

18:35pm- 6:35pm Nassau- Men’s 800m Final 

Sunday, July 10 th  

15:00pm-9:00am Nassau- Women’s 200m Final 

16:10pm- 10:10am Nassau- Men’s 200m Final 

17:05pm- 11:05pm Nassau- Women’s Medley Relay 

17:25pm- 11:25am Nassau- Men’s Medley Relay  

Note- Events highlighted are those with Bahamian athletes with high ranking on IAAF lists.

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