Deep Water Cay Sets a New Fly Fishing Record!
By Sarah Kirkby
Apr 7, 2014 - 12:39:19 AM

Pictured is fishing guide Meko Glinton showing off the record breaking fish. (Deep Water Cay Photo)

Deep Water Cay, Bahamas – Deep Water Cay (DWC) recently broke their fly-fishing record with a 14.6 pound bonefish caught by ‘Big Jim’ Easterling, visiting from Texas.

“Everything at the lodge was great! On Wednesday I caught a 9 lb. bonefish while fishing with my guide Joseph and on Thursday I caught a 10.5 lb. bonefish while fishing with my guide Meko,” exclaimed the excited guest Easterling. “That was my first double-digit bonefish! Then on Friday - wow!"

Bonefish fishing is as much of an art as it is a technique, and Deep Water Cay is known for its excellent local bonefishing guides. The guides at DWC have helped fishermen to catch many large bonefish, but this catch will now hold the club’s record. Jim's guide Meko is Omeko Glinton, a well-known third-generation Deep Water Cay guide and is the inventor of the famous Meko Special Fly.

Another frequent guest at DWC, Jeff ‘Storm’ Harkavy, commented on the new record, saying, “DWC is truly home to many giants! My last day there started off with a couple of 9lb plus fish. Shortly thereafter, I cast to a pair of fish, one being the biggest bone I ever laid eyes on. However, I hooked the far smaller of the two ... a 13 1/2lb beauty.”

'Big Jim' Easterling Showing Off His Big Catch (Deep Water Cay Photo)

DWC prides itself on the large numbers and sizes of fish available around the idyllic resort. Bonefish are caught and released on a daily basis at the cay and the resort is a strong supporter of fishing conservancy and of the proposed BNT parks for the area. Bonefishing in The Bahmaas is estimated to bring in nearly $141 million annually to the Bahamian tourism market according to Bonefish Tarpon and Trust.

Fishing has always been an integral part of Bahamian life and it is the soul of Deep Water Cay, DWC awards every fishermen with pins for catching a bonefish, be it your first fish or a record breaking fish, it brings such joy to the resort when a record breaking fish is caught.

The entire DWC family congratulated Easterling on his record catch and encourage anyone that wants to give sport fishing a go, to make their plans to visit them, and allow their fishing guides to treat them to the time of their life. “We are doing what we love down here,” said Buzz Cox, DWC on-island manager. “The season is looking good!”

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