Kit Spencer leads IC Caribbean Team in Belgium Tennis Tournament
By Esther Newton, Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association
Aug 12, 2019 - 6:30:06 AM


Kit Spencer, President of IC Bahamas led a combined IC Caribbean team to an over 70 tennis tournament in Belgium. The International Lawn Tennis Clubs simplified as "IC"  was originally established as a "way of nurturing and preserving the camaraderie that existed between young competitors of many countries who met in serious but friendly competition".

Today 40 Clubs exist in five continents all over the world. The "Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean" is a motto IC lives by. The culture of good sportsmanship is exhibited throughout IC events.

The Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association congratulates Kit on the work he has performed that aids in the growth of  Tennis not only in the Bahamas but also the region and the world. His commitment to the sport and to IC and IC Bahamas is commendable.

Mr Spencer( right) at the IC over 70 event in Belgium

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