Results of the Bertram 'Cowboy' Musgrove cycling event
By Sylvia Russell, NPCA
Oct 1, 2008 - 7:34:28 PM


Nassau, Bahamas - Once again the Annual Bertram Cowboy Musgrove cycling classic lived up to its name, in the previous years the race was a tour where cyclists rode stages, three stages for that matter and the winner was decided by his/her times, or fastest time completing the stages.  But this year organizers took each stage and made it an individuals races, so there was 42 mile road race on Saturday, September 27th and Sunday morning the 28th there was an Individual time trial which was also used to determine the N.P. Time Trial Champion, and later that evening the Track event.


The Road Race was held  around a 6 mile course covering  7 laps, 42 mile, and this year we have two of our junior cyclists competing with the seniors and it turned out to be a cat and mouse game.  The seniors 'the mouse' and the juniors 'the cat', chased around the course, seniors like John Cox, Tracey Sweeting all making the race fast and exciting. But as it came down to the sprint, the seniors out powered the jr cyclist , but they give them a run for their money, so watch out sr boys, the juniors are coming.


Juniors:24 miles     TEAM          OVERALL       PLACE      TIME
Tony Mackey             JAR            1st                 1st          1:25:04.50
Justin Minns         nis           Warriors       2nd                2nd          1:25:08.66
Antinece Simmons       "               3rd                 1st          1:25:12.41
Rahiame Colebrook      "               4th                 3rd          1:25:15.00

U14: 42 miles
Jay Major                  JAR            4th                 1st           1:51:16.18
Anthony Colebrook    Warriors      5th                 2nd          1:51:16.18

Master II: 42 miles   
Wayne Price            Warriors      2nd                1st            1:51:15.18
Robert Bethel               "             6th                 2nd           2:03:21.03
Robert Butler                              6th                 2nd           2:03:21.03

Master I: 42 miles       
Tracy Sweeting          JAR          1st                 1st           1:51:11.12
John Cox                    "             3rd                 2nd          1:51:16.18

On  Sunday morning the Time Trial  event....18.3 miles (sr) 8 miles (jr), this is where we saw the speed  demons came out, TT are called 'the race of truth', because each cyclist rides for individual time or against the clock so to speak.  The race is all about speed, no drafting, no sprinting, just you again the clock.  And when it was all over it was (sr) Mark, clutching the victory, in a time of  44:42:28 secs.
It was a great morning of racing.....(see results)
N.P.C.A.  TT  Championships  September 28th2008
8 miles
Age 8overallplacetime
Liam Holowesko     VMG        4th       1st            26:22:76

U12: girls
Antinece Simmons         Warriors   8th        1st           28:40:44
Abagail Minnins                 "         10th         2nd          31:18:35

U12 Boys
Justin Minnis                     "          5th        1st            26:38.25
Carlano Bain                      "         6th         2nd           28:06.44

U14 Boys
Jay Major                       JAR       1st         1st            20:06.28
Anthony Colebrook         Warriors  2nd        2nd           22:00.82
Tony Mackey                  JAR       3rd         3rd            26:09.47

Open Women
Amanda Graham                         7th        1st           28:08.22

Open Men                                                             
Larry Russell                             9th          1st           30:59:76

Ist Time   Prestina Brennen                                         10:45.60

18.3 miles
Open Women
Carmel Stucki                JAR      5th           1st           53:40.38

Master II
Wayne Price                Warriors  6th           1st           53:58:88
Robert Bethel                   "         7th           2nd          54:42.66

Master I
Mark Holowesko                        1st           1st           44:42.28
Lee Farmer                                2nd          2nd          45:59.91
Stephen Holowesko      VMG      3rd           3rd           47:22.10
Jeremy Stuby                            4th           4th           52:07.88

Later that afternoon there was one event on the track  4 laps or 1 ml  individual pursuit, it was again a cat and mouse event, where cyclist are posted on opposite sides of the track, and they are racing against the clock. The following cyclist competed against each other.
Abagail  vs  Carlano                     Tony  vs   Rahiame
Justin    vs  Lillie                          Anthony (Biggie) 2:53.50
Kevin 2:36.00  v  Robert 2:39.88
The presentation was  later around   5pm at the cycling track......on hand to present the trophies was Wayne Price, treasurer of the Bahamas Amateur Cycling Federation and Sylvia Russell secretary of the New Providence Cycling Association.
Wayne Price, representing the Federation indicated that the race went well, and its always good to see more kids coming out to participate in the sport of cycling and sports on the whole. He also said that the federations goal is to continue the development of the sport, and by extension to increase the number of kids participating in the sports, not just here in New Providence but all over the Bahamas. He also went on to say that the President of the Federation, who happen to be off the Island, asked him to also inform the cycling body, of its continued plans to upgrade the cycling track, to implement a scholarship program,  continue with its youth Family Island development program and to stage more and more family bike rides throughout the country.

Also the Association/ Federation presented awards to some of the cyclist who competed during the track season just before the summer break..
Junior Cyclists champion in Track series was     Antinece  Simmons
                                                                      Anthony  Colebrook
Robert Bethel            outstanding Track race pts champion
Amanda Graham            "                 "                      "
Kevin Ingraham          kilo Track Champion  on   Track Bike
The highlight of our afternoon was the children and Janet Brown of the Bilney Lane Children's Home, who helped us really celebrate the end of a very full weekend as they joined us for food and lots of fun. While some kids ran with  potatoes on a spoon others helped place a mouth on kitty (new and improved version of pin the tail) as well as the hop scotch game and just doing what kids do best... running around!!
Thank you all for making these events a success, our sponsors - The Trophy Case, Etienne Dupuch Publications, Centerville Bakery, The d'Albenas Agency Ltd, N.P.C.A., B.A.C.F. and those who prepared the refreshments.

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