(AUDIO) FORMER State Finance Minister links 'New economic life' to immigration policy
Jun 26, 2015 - 6:04:53 PM

Freeport, Bahamas - Earlier this week (June 22nd and 24th) The Tribune ran two articles based on an interview with FORMER Bahamas State Finance Minister Zhivargo Laing pertaining to liberalization of immigration. presents herewith, the full audio interview.

Mr. Laing feels that; “Unless some outside force brings new capitol injection, builds a new business  that requires new employment...unless that happens and happens on any sizable scale, you don't get any new money that can be injected into this economy to bring any new income to people to be able to spend and therefore cause there to feel like there's some prosperity in the economy."

The FORMER Minister of State for Finance went on to say, “Unless your non-permanent population is swelling or growing, you really have a limited means of seeing new economic impetus into this economy..."

Tribune article June 22nd, Laing: Immigration can boost the economy
Tribune article June 24th, Laing: Follow Successful Countries on Immigration

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