Jay Mitchell Sings BBB Strong Back Stout jingle [AUDIO]
By Mackeymedia
Jun 17, 2009 - 11:15:58 AM

Photo: Mackeymedia

  Strong Back Jingle :30

Grand Bahama Island - Legendary Bahamian entertainer Jay Mitchell puts his energetic vocals on the jingle “ Strong Back” at Mackeymedia, Freeport, GBI.

Strong back is the tasty new " dark and smooth" stout product brewed by The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company on Grand Bahama Island, the same brewery that created the " Truly Bahamian" Sands Beer.
Jay Mitchell sings. “Big and Bold, Dark & Smooth, Strong Back!” to a rocking energetic music track produced and performed by Dave Mackey (TBW webmaster & former T-Connection lead guitarist), accentuated by the dynamic backing vocals of band leader Methice Rigby, retired educator Dave Cook and Dave Mackey.

The penetrating lyrics sung by Jay are the end result of collaboration between “The Think Tank” comprising: producer/arranger & TBW Webmaster; Dave Mackey, vocalist/ bandleader; Methice Rigby; and TBW editor; Robbin Whachell.

Press the play button above to rock to Jay Mitchell’s dynamic vocal performance on the jingle, "Strong Back" produced at Mackeymedia for the smooth Bahamian brewed stout with a mighty KICK "that get's you ready for action". Then head to Jimmy’s Liquor Store at Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company, Kelly’s Liquor Store in Nassau or your favorite bar, pub or restaurant to enjoy an ice cold bottle, or two, of Strong Back Stout.


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