Marina Gottlieb Sarles the author of the book “Sand In My Shoes”.
By Dave Mackey
Dec 17, 2006 - 10:02:36 PM

Mackeymedia went on the road to the home of Marina Gottlieb Sarles the author of the book “Sand In My Shoes” . Marina, a multi-talented and deeply spiritual person, shares her passion for writing and provides insight into her new novel now in progress under the tentative title “City Of Horses.” This interview commences with Marina, also a dynamic female lead vocalist, ad-libbing the lyrics of her original musical composition entitled “Out on The Streets,” a song that tells her life story. It was the first song ever recorded in her brother, The Late Cay W. Gottlieb’s recording studio Cicada Sounds. The song was engineered, arranged and produced by Dave Mackey. Marina also provides a synopsis of her first book “Sand In My Shoes.” Her new book “City Of Horses” is set during the time of World War II in East Prussia, the birth place of her mother the late Owanta Gottlieb Von Sanden , author of the book “Angel Stand By Me” (translated from German to English by Marina). The name “City of Horses” is inspired by East Prussia’s passion for raising the Trakehner , the most noble of Thoroughbred horses. It was a place where stallions lived like kings until Prussia was invaded by the Russians who killed all but 25 of 1400 stallions at the farm were Marina's story is set. Marina’s Story is about a very famous stallion stud who was mowed down in cold blood. Marina’s family arrived on Grand Bahama through Mr. Wallace Groves the founder of Freeport, her Father, affectionately known as “Doc” (Dr. Gottlieb) was hired as a doctor for the workers of The Pine Ridge Lumber Yard. Press the play button below to hear Marina's adventurous thought provoking Interview.

          Marina Gottlieb Sarles Interview (18:30)


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