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(VIDEO) Hon Zhivargo Laing Explains The Bahamas Parliamentary system of Government
By Mackeymedia
May 6, 2012 - 7:09:02 PM

This informative video interview with the Hon Zhivargo Laing, MP & Minister of State for Finance and Public Service, provides insight on the structure of Bahamian government. In the style of a college professor, Minister Laing succinctly explains in layman's terms the ABCs of the Bahamian parliamentary system of government.

Positions like Prime Minister, Minister of State; Permanent Secretary, Minister, MP and Senator are clearly expounded upon along with their respective roles within the hierarchy of the Westminster style of government.
Additionally, the minister defines how the cabinet is constructed and the step-by-step processes leading up to the dissolution of Parliament on up to general election.

This video could easily be named: "The ABCs of Bahamian Governmental Structure", “Bahamas Parliamentary System 101" or "Bahamian Government Made Simple." This video is of value to every Bahamian especially students of political science. Further it serves as an invaluable resource for persons and organizations considering relocating and (or) investing in the Bahamas.

This interview was recorded at Mackeymedia. In just eight (8) short minutes, through The Hon Zhivargo Laing, MP & Minister of State for Finance and Public Service you will learn Bahamas Parliamentary System 101. Press the play button to begin.

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