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November on ArtOvation | This Saturday: The Truth
Nov 23, 2012 - 12:10:27 AM


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This month's Line Up:

Saturday, November 3rd: Rumah
Saturday, November 10: Denaldo Bain
Saturday, November 17: Novie Pierre
Saturday, November 24: The Truth


This Saturday, November 24th:

What is truth? Truth is not relative or based on opinion. It is constant, absolute. The search for the truth is what drives mankind forward into eternity. This fact is what drives the Truth band to spread their message through a plethora of musical genres in an attempt to reach as many as possible to let them know: the truth is out there... Find i

The band was formed late 2010 by lead singer, Judah "ThaLion" Seymour and Miko Pinder, former bassist. After all around musician Ashley Algreen got on drums and Bill "JahBilly" Burlingame came in on guitar, the name was chosen and theTruth was born. During this time, much of the group's signature songs were created. Such tunes as Welete Mikael, Finder's Keepers, As a Child, Armageddeon and Darlin.

After Miko amicably left the group and Ashley assumed the role of bassist, the band started playing the open mic circuit, performing at such places as Babalu, the Balcony, Golden Club and Via Cafe. It was at Via where budding drummer Racquel "Quelly C" Cooper first heard and fell in love with the sounds of theTruth. Soon after, she auditioned and and became the band's official drummer. After Quelly C came Zee, another female percussionist and artist, who joined the ranks to complete, perhaps, the group's most memorable line-up thus far. Shortly after theTruth landed a weekly gig at Hammerheads Bar and Grill, a venue well noted as the starting point for many up and coming bands on the Nassau scene. As the buzz surrounding the group steadily grew then came their biggest opportunity yet: the Global Battle of the Bands Bahamas competition; which pitted them against the best bands the country had to offer. Although they didn't make it to the last round, the exposure gained in the experience was priceless; to the point that still today they are recognized for their performances before and during the event. With the fans and supporters they gained from their previous shows and the GBOB event, theTruth moved their talents down the road to Bahama Joe's on Thursday nights, but still rehearse at Hammerheads every other Wednesday night show appreciation for their beginnings.

As theTruth forward into their new endeavors, which include recording their first album, releasing radio singles, and collaborating with different artists both live and in studio, they move with a mind of humility and ambition. "The music is the mission" - JahBilly

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