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September on ArtOvation | This Saturday, Anina Banks
Sep 28, 2012 - 2:29:42 AM


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  • 1st - Sonya Farmer and Katrina Cartwright - Popop Studios
  • 8th - Bursel G - Music  Producer
  • 15th - Leanne Russell - Visual Artist
  • 22nd - Randy C - Radio Personality
  • 29th - Anna Banks - Visual Artist

Anina Banks  has lived a life defying conventions while eschewing titles and definitions. And yet there remains one word to describe her: Artist.

A native of Nassau, Bahamas, Anina was born with the soul and hands of an artist. From an early age, Anina’s natural gifts were enhanced by intensive training in various fine arts mediums, including drawing, painting and print making. A graduate of Drexel University, she began working as a graphic designer in the corporate world and inadvertently took a break from producing new artwork. But her soul craved to create and the hiatus was short lived.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Anina shifted mediums completely, and began working solely with clay. Possessing a love for natural textures, primarily those found underwater or washed up on the shore, the pieces she began to form were beautifully eclectic, invoking images of conch and sea shells, while simultaneously paying homage to her island upbringing and surroundings.

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