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Five Ways to see the World while Earning a Lucrative Salary!
By Quinn Russell
Aug 15, 2013 - 2:36:44 PM


What if I told you, that you didn’t have to sit at your job, day in and day out doing the same menial tasks. What if I told you, that you could travel to the ends of the earth, experiencing its most beautiful spots, meeting its most fascinating people, and earning a lucrative salary while doing it. Would you take me up this offer, and pursue a life that is so abnormal from what we’ve been taught to pursue? It may sound like a daydream, but it’s a reality for many persons I’ve come to know through my own travel experiences. Listed below are five ways to fund a full-time life of travel.

1.Teach English In A Foreign Country:  English teachers are always in high-demand. Most employers provide housing and medical expenses for their teachers, and pay a salary that permits a comfortable lifestyle. Employers typically cover the cost of your travel expenses as well. Many agencies do not require prior teaching experience, although TEFL or TESOL certifications speed up the hiring process. Good places to start are Teach Away, which offers placement services around the globe. Language Corps and CIEE also offer interesting options in a vast amount of destinations. In terms of salaries, Japan and Saudi Arabia has the highest paying employers, a typical placement in Japan through the Jet Program offers 3.6 million yen a year (approx. $45,756). Countries such as Hungary, Thailand, and the Czech Republic yield $20K-$35K per year.

2. Earn A Living as a Travel Writer: You can earn a revenue stream by writing about your travel experiences. I suggest starting small and finding a local publication interested in purchasing your articles. You could then use this experience to get published by larger outlets. Many travel writers experience free perks such as hotel stays, restaurant dining, car rental services, and other freebies in exchange for publicizing companies in their articles. A good resource to learn about travel writing is the Matador Network.

3. Become a Flight Attendant:  The average salary for this position is $40,000 per year, and comes with the opportunity to stay extra nights in exotic locales. Most flight attendants are afforded unlimited free flights anywhere their airline travels to. All flight attendants, who work for Emirates Airline live in Dubai, and their housing and living expenses are covered by the airline. If you are interested in becoming a flight attendant, visit the website of the airline you wish to work for, research their job listings, and apply.

4. Work Remotely: There’s no rule that states you must quit your current job in order to make extensive travel apart of your life. If your position allows you to work remotely, request approval from your boss in order to make the necessary adjustments. Work from a developing country like Thailand, India, or Mexico, and you’ll be able to live extravagantly at a fraction of the cost you’re spending now.

5. Work Exchange – The phrase ‘Work Exchange,’ is exactly as it eludes to, you work in exchange for room, board, food, and the possibility of extra cash. Check out the listings on and you’ll be ready to see the world. There is no shortage of opportunities for work exchange; another great resource is that focuses on organic farm work.

To begin this journey its essential to have a burning passion for travel, add a bit of careful planning and you’ll soon be on your way to seeing the world while making a profit. I am speaking from experience, as I have started this process, and it has changed my life for the better. It hasn’t been easy, but plans slowly came to fruition, and I have  had the opportunity to visit places like Westminster Abbey, Israel’s Dead Sea, the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, and I know that there isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing. Remember this, nobody looks back at their life and says if only I had more time on Microsoft Office.

Happy & Safe Travels!

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