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Homes Needed!
By Kim Aranha
May 28, 2008 - 9:14:21 AM

Cat Photo: Jessica is one of four kittens rescued in Nassau and looking for a home. Dog Photo: Dumpy lost his ears foraging for food at the dump in Eleuthera after being abandoned.

It’s not easy being a dog and some times even harder in the Out Islands.

There is a very a very dynamic group called Pet Pals in Eleuthera are trying their best to help. It is a battle against time. Every day there are more and more unwanted puppies and kittens born into hopeless situations. There are instances where the dogs are poisoned because they are being a “pest’ which means doing what comes naturally, barking, chasing chickens, or chewing up stuff.

Many of these small and helpless animals are taken and dumped deep into the bush far away from food or water to starve and die a slow and lingering death. Others are dumped at the local dump to fend for themselves. Perhaps the people who leave them at the city dump feel that these animals have a better chance as there is some food rotting in the smoldering heap of trash, who knows. They clamber over refuse and garbage to forage whatever scraps of food they can find and ……sometimes…..the dump is burning…

Seen in the photo is   “Dumpy”.. His ears were tragically burned off whist he was trying to get something to eat…He is one of the lucky ones, picked up by a caring and loving human being. He has been nursed back to health, sadly he cannot get his ears back, but he could get a home.

His savior cannot keep him because he has many other animals to care for that he has rescued and that is the case with all the other wonderful, caring, animal minded people involved with Pet Pals.

Dumpy needs a home, and a good home at that, with loving, caring individuals who can guarantee Dumpy a happy productive doggie life in spite of lacking ears…Please help me help Dumpy and give him a home or forward this everywhere you can to help Dumpy get adopted. He is a little shy and lacking confidence but a loving home and a few cuddles will take care of that.

Sharyn Thompson and Joan Carroll are very involved with Pet Pals and would welcome any assistance that can be given, they need help homing these countless animals being abandoned, they need money to pay for much needed spays, they need help, help, help.

Any donations for Petpals can be made by check to 'Joan Carroll for Petpals'. Also, check out the website which is taking secure online
donations (using Pay Pal) on behalf of Pet Pals.

Fingers crossed that you can help to find a home for the little guy!

Whilst on the subject: there are four very sweet kittens looking for a home. I received an email about them yesterday. They are Approximately 15 weeks old and are fully vaccinated.

They have been carefully hand reared and are so extremely affectionate. At present they residing at Caves Point: Phone: 327 6330 and speak to Nuala.

Please help, if you don't have space for them then forward this to ALL your friends and ask them to continuing forwarding until we find homes.

About the author: Kim Aranha grew up in the Berry Islands with her first dog, a beloved potcake named “Friendly” (who was anything but!).  First educated at home, and then in boarding school in Switzerland, Kim moved to Rome, Italy in 1974 to pursue a career in the dramatic arts and ended up working as an interpreter.  She moved back to The Bahamas in 1980, and now lives in Nassau with her husband Paul, and their two teenaged sons.  Kim has 4 dogs, 5 fish (1 Beta, 4 Goldfish), 10 turtles (6 babies, 4 adolescents), 1 Asian box turtle and 4 Budgerigars. Her idea of relaxing is being home to take care of all her pets. Kim is President of the board of the Bahamas Humane Society. Kim can be contacted at

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