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Five ways to improve your power to influence
By Kimberly Miller
Sep 15, 2011 - 2:31:05 PM

If you are in a position that requires you to get the cooperation of others you will be able to perform more effectively if you increase your ability to influence others. Here are some tips.  

Developing rapport is crucial when you are trying to sway others to be receptive to you and your ideas. Rapport comes easily when you can find areas of common ground. Once someone feels that you are more like them they begin to let their guard down and more open to what you say.  

Learning to skillfully phrase questions can be a powerful tool. Always phrase your question to get the answer you want. For instance, as a manager instead of asking your staff if they will work over time, ask them when they would like to work overtime? In other words assume they are already in agreement with you.  

Sincere compliments make people feel good about themselves and in turn good about you. Take the time to notice something to admire about someone else. Everyone wants to feel like they have good looks, great style, admirable taste or outstanding talent. The key however is to be sincere.  

Being a good listener also strengthens your power to influence. Everyone likes to talk to someone who actually listens. When you listen, others get the sense you care. A good listener will eventually learn what’s important to the other person and will know what to say to lead them to their way of thinking.  

Use the word because. Why? Because it gives the perception of credibility and precedes an explanation, which often moves people into compliance. Sometimes simply offering an explanation can create ‘buy in’ from the person you are trying to persuade.  

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