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Building Your Brand
By Kim Welcome
Jun 12, 2014 - 8:36:58 PM

How do you communicate your personal brand so that others get it? There is a lot of talk about branding yourself. What does it mean? Your brand is your unique selling proposition. In other words, it is a culmination of your values, skill set, talents and abilities that are easily identifiable and make you stand out from everyone else.

I work with people who struggle to differentiate themselves in the workplace. Being good at what you do is not enough. The ability to communicate what you bring to the table on a consistent basis is what will distinguish you from the pack.

Here are five things you can do to help you to solidify your branding in the eyes of your coworkers, seniors and clients:

1. Be clear as to how you want others to see you. I often work with clients who will say they want to be known as a good employee, but that is too vague. You need to dissect what that looks like. There are a myriad of attributes that can comprise a good employee. Which attributes ring true for you? Break it down.

2. Decide what attribute will be your specialty? Instead of presenting yourself as a generalist, present yourself as a specialist. You can position yourself similar to the way a medical specialist does. Most doctors can read blood tests and diagnose basic illnesses, however if you have severe stomach problems you want to see a gastroenterologist. Keeping this in mind, you too should possess the basic skills expected of any employee, but when people think of you they should know your specialty. Are you the one who has a knack for handling difficult customers, are you super organized, are you the one who can be counted on to follow through? Determine your specialty.

3. Once you have determined your specialty, write it down to help you to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Make it your mission to express that attribute every time you have the opportunity. If you are great with handling challenging customers and situations, whenever appropriate you should be the one to step up when a situation arises. If you pride yourself in soothing the savage beast, you will be determined to do everything in your power to succeed when the occasion avails itself and inevitably you will become good at it. People will notice; they will take note of how much you enjoy turning unhappy customers into raving fans. Don’t be surprised if these situations begin to be referred to you.

4. Verbalize your ‘area of expertise’. When appropriate you can say something like, “I love putting difficult customers in a good mood.” This makes you look like a specialist and that is personal branding.

Branding is about being intentional as to how you want people to see you and consistently demonstrating the value your company or clients will experience when working with you. Build your brand today.

Kim Welcome CEO of Influential Voice works with progressive companies and individuals who are concerned that unrefined communication skills may be hindering their growth and advancement. She helps them to increase their power to influence for greater productivity and impact. For more info visit For a Free Speech & Voice Evaluation email

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