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Cut-Off Couture - How to Rock Summer Shorts
By Tyrina Neely
Jun 29, 2012 - 3:37:49 PM

A great summer staple to beat the heat while looking oh so chic is a flattering pair of shorts.

Not only for the super young, or super skinny – there’s a pair of flattering shorts to suit every age, body type and occasion.

The most universally flattering length is a city short, slightly longer than the average short, hitting just above, at or just below the knee. This length can be worn for virtually every occasion and by slightly altering he width of the leg, works well on every figure from a size 0 to a size 20.

Choosing the best fit

When choosing a pair of shorts, it’s important to fit the widest part of your lower body first. Once you find a cut that fits your hips and derriere comfortably, look for a slim fitting, tailored leg that neither gets narrower or wider as it gets longer.

If you are average height or on the shorter side, choose a short that hits you at or just above the knee. Showing the knee, even if it’s just a little of it, visually lengthens your legs and prevents your shorts from shortening your frame and making you appear stumpy.

If you are on the taller side, wearing a longer cut that hits just below the knee and covers it is most flattering. With your long legs, this prevents the shorts from looking awkwardly too short given the length of your legs.


For those of you who like it short, shorter lengths that hit well above the knee do lengthen the leg and are great for summer. Wear a length that you are comfortable with and that is long enough to provide full coverage and cover any upper thigh problem areas.

Petite - Pleats, ruffles, bows large cuffs all add volume, which works for your smaller frame. You can get away with the longer city short, but you look best in shorter above-the-knee lengths.

Tall – Longer length city shorts are to die for with your long legs. If you really want to make their jaws drop, and you’re comfortable showing more skin opt for a shorter length that shows off your longer legs.

Curvy – A mid to high waisted silhouette is flattering, with straight legs. Dark colors work well if you are bottom heavy. Remember to steer clear of bulky extras like large pockets and cuffs.


Short Summer Suit

I love this look. A short pant suit can be just as tailored and put together as a skirt suit, with a fresh twist. Short pant suits have been creeping up on runways for years, so if you’ve been thinking about incorporating this look into your wardrobe, this summer’s the perfect time to do so.

If your office culture permits, short pant suits are a great summer alternative to long suits. Because of the perceived casual nature of the shorts, keep the color palette neutral and professional.  A great navy suit is always a safe, professional color. Play up a navy suit with a classic red and white vertical striped collared shirt to bring in the nautical trend that is also really big this season.


A chic pair of shorts are a fresh twist on eveningwear. They won’t work for a formal occasion, but they’re great for a night out on the town or a less formal cocktail party. Skip the miniskirt on your next night out and pull out a pair of raw silk, satin or silk blend shorts. A little sheen goes a long way in making your shorts evening ready. Leather shorts are also hot this season. Pair with an embellished tank and if the weather permits, a slim fitting tuxedo blazer for a look that’s fun, trendy and sophisticated.

Don’t hide your legs under long, sweltering pants all summer long. Show a little leg and step outside the box in a great pair of city shorts or short shorts.


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