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Organize Your Closet With Style
By Tyrina Neely
Apr 20, 2012 - 11:52:13 AM


If you’re feeling inspired to do a little spring cleaning, the perfect place to start is with your wardrobe. Getting your closet organized will have you feeling light and excited to get dressed, so stop putting it off and get it done!

If you’re going to jump into this task, you will need to have at least two hours dedicated to tackling it like a pro. It can be a long process, so if you’re going to do it sans a professional – invite some girlfriends over to help make the process less tedious.

Don’t be afraid to toss

General rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in two years is has got to go! You’re doing more harm than good keeping old, outdated and ill-fitting clothing in your wardrobe. ‘Tis better to have an unfilled closet with several great essentials than a crammed closet filled with items you hang onto “just in case.” Everyone gets some level of anxiety tossing items you’ve spent money on and may have been attached to in the past, but if you’re not wearing it – it’s just taking up valuable closet space.

You want to create a closet filled with items that make you feel happy, beautiful, comfortable and confident. If a garment is too cumbersome, just doesn’t appeal to you anymore or makes you feel frumpy then quit holding onto it. Going into your closet should be a positive experience and to achieve that it should be filled with items you react positively to.

That also means politely getting rid of all those size 6 dresses that just don’t fit anymore and embracing your size 10 figure. If an item doesn’t fit, don’t keep it around with the inspiration excuse – if you’re serious about losing weight and you want to keep inspiration pieces you used to wear and love, limit it to two or three pieces maximum. Hang them on your closet door where you can see them often instead of jammed in the back of all your regularly worn clothing.

Organize like a Retail Expert

Shopping a well merchandised store is a blast because everything is organized based on trend, color and type. Unless you’re hiring a professional to manage your wardrobe that kind of organization is too lofty to manage alone. However, organizing your closet by garment type is easy, simple to maintain and makes pulling together a look quick and effortless.
Group all your pants together and create simple subgroups. All the denim together, all the office trousers together and follow suit with the rest of your garments. Once you have grouped them based on type, you can also filter so that all the like colors of a particular group are together to make viewing all your pieces a cinch. If you can’t see it, you will most definitely forget to wear it, so after you’ve tossed all the riff raff, making sure you can easily see all of your pieces means you will wear them more often.

Don’t develop a complicated method of organization. Something effective, that you will maintain is important. How many times have you organized your items only to look at them two weeks later and wonder how things got such a mess again. Limiting your organizing to type and color is sufficient.
No Wire Hangers

Since I was a child I refused to hang any of my clothing on rusty wire hangers. It’s a small investment, clothing is best maintained when hung on wooden hangers. Wooden hangers help your clothing retain their shape while they are hanging in your closet.

If you’re serious about building a great wardrobe, getting you closet organized is the very first step. It’s a good idea to clear out your closet, eliminate what you don’t need and organize the great pieces you want to hold onto.

What’s more, you can donate those items you no longer wear to charity or even organize a garage sale to make a couple extra bucks.

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