Under The Hood of TBW - Webmaster (Dave Mackey)
Utilizing RSS technology to receive our news updates when you want to
By Dave Mackey
Apr 11, 2007 - 10:34:53 PM

The Bahamas Weekly continues to grow exponentially with your support. Under the hood major tweaking continues to take place. Many options that you are probably unaware of are available to you. In this column I will provide regular bite-sized chunks of information to help you take advantage of all that The Bahamas Weekly has to offer. In this issue we discuss some of the different ways one can receive our updates utilizing  RSS technology.

Although emails several thousand News Updates each week and our website is available 24/7, interested persons can receive email updates when they choose to (as they happen, hourly, weekly, monthly etc.) through the use of Feedblitz and other RSS technology utilization websites. Additionally, our updates can be received worldwide through Google & Yahoo Alerts or by including The Bahamas Weekly on your Yahoo or Google home pages. The latter can be easily achieved by clicking on the Google and Yahoo miniature logos on the left column of and then following the simple on-screen instructions. 
If you need to manually insert our RSS URL to receive updates the URL is: .

Next week I will provide more options and examples on how to do this. If you require further clarification email: .

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